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Fionah Posted: Apr 2nd 2012

Yesterday I saw Pirates and thought it was brilliant. Well Done to everyone at Aardman!
For the future I would really like a Pirates Exhibition. I have loved Aardman for years and years now and have only managed to get to one small exhibition and I would love to go to more and would be more than happy to pay good money for it. Also, does anyone know when Pirates merchandise is coming out?

Many thanks
Fionah :)

evastar7 Posted: Apr 2nd 2012

hopefully the Pirates merchandise will come out soon i hope there is a exhibition too!

Ursrut Posted: Apr 10th 2012

At the Mshed in bristol they have the pirate ship on display.'-pirate-ship-sails-into-m-shed!/

Fionah Posted: Apr 10th 2012

Thanks! I'm going there tomorrow and I am also going to Animate It which is gonna be really cool

boo315 Posted: Apr 16th 2012

They have McDonalds toys out!

Piratecaptainrocker123 Posted: May 27th 2012

I got loads of the figures but cant get the dodo or queen victoria.
Look in charity shops, they have em xx

jordan Posted: Jun 2nd 2012

I heard the was going to be a pirates exhibition in the uk, but i cant remember the info, it was ahwhile ago, but peter lord said recently , he would like an exhibition to show the vast array of work that went into pirates :)  

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