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samuelhayward Posted: Apr 3rd 2012

samuelhayward Posted: Apr 3rd 2012

Here this is what it says:


On August 14, 2011, Peter Lord tweeted that they're working on the sequel idea.[14]'

I really don't know if it means they're working on a sequel, I could be completely wrong!

Fionah Posted: Apr 3rd 2012

I hope so. Also I was listening to a Skwigly podcast and there was an interview with Peter Lord and he said if Pirates is a success they will probably do a sequel


puppylove Posted: May 3rd 2012

u dont trust google for anything so... besides, aarnman NEVER made a secual  for ANY  movie and i dont think thel start now.

samuelhayward Posted: May 4th 2012

It's not on google, it's on the captain's log website, that AARDMAN CREATED!

harryboy8080 Posted: May 4th 2012

Puppy, Wallace and Gromit have had more than sequels?!

wallace05man Posted: May 4th 2012

@puppylove, what d'you mean don't trust google? google is the search engine for every site in the world, 

cheesehead302 Posted: May 4th 2012

Yeh, apparently they are.

Gromits little bro Posted: May 5th 2012

It's quite probable that they'll make a movie, considering that Pirates! was based on a book, and there are more in the series!!

puppylove Posted: May 8th 2012

sorry, i mean i dont trust wikipidea not google.. my bad. wait... the pirates was a BOOK O.o!!! THAT SO WEIRD! how do u know?! ps: wallace and gromit dont make secuals, they make different stories. secual is the continewing of something.

harryboy8080 Posted: May 9th 2012

Puppylove, just because Wallace and Gromit films don't have a number after the title dosen't mean they're not a sequel.

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