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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 13th 2012

Attention comic fans!  Wallace & Gromit are starring in an all-new comic library app, available for iPhone and iPad now!


The new Wallace & Gromit Comics app allows you to access the entire Wallace & Gromit comic library, including the latest collections of Wallace & Gromit Dailies from The Sun newspaper, plus classic stories from the W&G archives!

With seven classic stories and eight collections of Wallace and Gromit Dailies strips to download for just 69p/99c each, there are enough Wallace and Gromit antics to keep you guffawing for months!  To celebrate over one million downloads to date, you can also read the original “The W Files” for free!

Find out more about the app by visiting the Titan Comics website, or go straight to the App Store to start downloading! 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Apr 16th 2012

I have previously bought all the wallace and gromit comics on the app store and so I clicked "restore purchases" in the settings section of the app. I entered my apple ID and password and then it said "Previous purchases have been restored,  you can find them in My Comics" however when I went to my comics there was nothing there. Do you know why? Thanks

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Apr 16th 2012

can you get on it on the ipod touch  

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 18th 2012

Hi GBI - it looks like there are a few bugs in version one of the app.  The developers are working on it and will push out an update soon to fix things.

KLD - yes, it should be available in the app store via your iPod Touch. 

aremar65 Posted: Apr 19th 2012

hi, guys..

i just l0ve the character...

but,currently the vide0 cannot be d0wnloaded at my country..

can anybody help me through it? 

please please... 

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

Hi aremar65, where do you live? There are currently some technical problems so this could be the reason why you're having trouble getting the app. The should be fixed this week but we'll keep you all updated!

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