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Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 17th 2012

Hey there,
Today I went to a local swap meat to see what there was for sale. It was really large but I only ended up making two purchases, one was an AMAZING typewriter, something I have wanted for a long time. But the other, was a Wallace & Gromit tin!
It was at one of the last stalls I went to, and it only cost me 20 cents!
To my knoweledge it must have been released after/while Curse of the Were-Rabbit was in cinemas, I never saw them in a shop though. I also think the tin had jellies in them when they were sold haha 
On the front it says 'Give it some more welly' a quote from COTWR, and on the sides and top it says 'Protected by Anti-Pesto'
I was quite excited about the buy, as it was cheap and is nice to look at.
Has anyone else picked up some Wallace and Gromit related merchandise lately?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 20th 2012

Thats pretty cool 
i just bought the W&G talk app for my iPod touch 

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 20th 2012

haha, I have that too! 

mds13696 Posted: Apr 22nd 2012

yeah ive got the whole coalport set mint and boxed

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 22nd 2012

I also got the world of invention DVD for about $10 at Sam's club

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