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Fionah Posted: Apr 21st 2012

In January I came first in the Creation of the Month and I have recieved my prize which is really great. But I still haven't got my certificate signed by Nick Park.  I don't know if you  can tell me why.  
I know I have already done this forum before but I didn't recieve many answers.    

Many Thanks

samuelhayward Posted: Apr 24th 2012

Well this seems very strange, because it says you get a certificate aswell as the prize if you win. I wouldn't be so surprised that you didn't get it if you were a runner up. 
It could have either got lost in the post, or maybe they are still wait for Nick to sign it, I know he's very busy. 

Or it could be under a pile of paper work at aardman and they haven't sent it yet.  

My prize took quite a while to come when I came runner up on shaun the sheep but they did email me to apologise, and said that they were waiting for the prize and certificate to arrive there, if I remember rightly, I emailed them to ask them where it had got to.

Hope this helps a bit.      


Fionah Posted: Apr 24th 2012

@samuelhayward - Thanks!

Many Thanks

wallace05man Posted: Apr 24th 2012

maybe, but i think i was runner up on the same month that Fionah won and i havn't got my certificate either and runner up certificates aren't signed by Nick Park

Fionah Posted: Apr 24th 2012

Oh that's interersting wallace05man. They may have forgotten all of our certificates then.

Many Thanks

PS: Can someone who works at Aardman shed some light on this please? Also I emailed Aardman about the matter a couple of weeks ago but still no reply.

Fionah Posted: May 2nd 2012

can someone post 

Gromits little bro Posted: May 3rd 2012

I would just like to comment on how rude this looks on the part of Aardman. Come on, guys, please have the decency to acknowledge the issue and look in to it! I'm sure it's just an honest mistake, but this seems to be getting a bit upsetting for Fionah

Fionah Posted: May 8th 2012

Can someone who works at Aardman shed some light on this please? 

wallace05man Posted: May 8th 2012

i got the certificate last week, so if mine came, yours might come, it's just that you might live further away from aardman so might take longer to get to your house

Roosterlee Posted: May 8th 2012

I think it might be the fact you live further away from aardman, as wallace05man says.
Unless they were a bit behind on sending out the prizes, because of the easter holidays, and holiday breaks.- But I guess that depends when you won. Hope my opinion helps :) 

Fionah Posted: May 11th 2012

Oh, thanks for your comments! But it is really annoying me because I keep coming home from school and it still hasnt come. Also I won in January and now it is May. I also have mailed Aardman but no response!!       

samuelhayward Posted: May 14th 2012

I know, I was annoyed when I came as a runner up in november and kept mailing them to ask where my prize had got to. They eventually sent a message to all of the winners of that month, saying that the prizes hadn't even got to them yet and I finally recieved my prize in February the next year! I am sorry to hear you are so annoyed though

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: May 14th 2012

Hi there!
@Fionah- I'm so sorry, your certificate is on its way, but it's been waiting for it to be signed, and as Nick Park has been very busy indeed it is probably lost in his office somewhere (under a pile of modelling clay no doubt)
I will see where it has gotten to and send it out as soon as I can

Fionah Posted: May 15th 2012

Thankyou Ellie M, I'm very grateful. Look forward to recieving it. Any idea when it will come???

Fionah Posted: Jun 15th 2012

I just thought I should say I still haven't got my certificate and I was wondering if you had sent it or not. I won in January and it's now July. Sorry but is really annoying me. Everyday I come home from school hoping it has come and I am really disappointed

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

Hm, I think it's happen to mee to. I came runner up in Shaun the Sheep website competition on April. In the thread is written, who's been runners up will receive STS purse and a copy of Home sheep home 2 game. But when i received the prizes, i just found my STS purse and certificate, and not for my copy of home sheep home 2 game.

Fionah Posted: Jul 16th 2012

@ Devi
Thats odd.

The last post was I did on this thread was over a month ago saying I haven't recieved it and now I still havent recieved it.I won a month after christmas which was 6 months ago! I have been waiting half a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 16th 2012

good grief!

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 16th 2012

why don't you email aardman?

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Jul 16th 2012

I've emailed to Ellie M but Ellie not reply my email.... How about you?

Fionah Posted: Jul 16th 2012

I tried emailing aardman in march after I recieved the prize. No reply! I have emailed them again two days ago.

Fionah Posted: Jul 30th 2012

Can someone please post? I am now getting bored of waiting!

Fionah Posted: Jul 30th 2012

Still no reply from Aardman by the way. As another month has almost passed

Fionah Posted: Jul 31st 2012

Yes!!!!!!!!!! My certificate has come

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 1st 2012

Hi Fionah, 

I'm so sorry to hear that you had problems with your certificate, I'm glad it has arrived safely now.

Devi - I've check our posting records and your prize has already been sent. Can you email us at the address below if you still haven't received anything by next week?

If anyone has problems with prizes in future, please email us at and we'll pick up your query as soon as possible. 

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Aug 1st 2012

When you sent that katie? I'm just

not received a copy of home sheep home 2, but I've received certificate and purse in 1 envelope. It's not sent at once? please reply it again katie!
but I'll email Aardman if I still haven't received anything next week.

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