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Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 22nd 2012

My son is autistic and his obsession is Wallace and Gromit. He watches their films 5-7 times per day, so it was an easy decision to pick a theme for his party!! Sadly I found very little in the way of Wallace and Gromit party gear. I thought I'd share my party ideas, feel free to use them!


I downloaded the W&G album off Amazon and played it whilst the kids were eating, (my son loved this because he recognised the music straight away)!

I printed Feathers McGraw "wanted" posters and displayed them as decoration, but also as part of a game. I told the children to find the penguin biscuits and the person who found Feathers won a prize.

The "wrong trousers" fancy dress competition is another idea I had. Sadly the local school held a similar competition just before the party and it wouldn't be quite so appealing to repeat it.

Sleeping Wallace, (like musical statues only you have to pretend you're sleep walking when the music stops).


I printed out the downloadable W&G rocket ship from this website, and made up 8 rockets to be used as centrepieces for the kids' tables.

I made up balloon displays using small balloons and large foil Shaun the sheep balloons.

I printed a picture of W&G on the moon and added the words "moon cheese" on top of it. I cut up cheese into cubes and attached the picture to the bowl.

I bought some chocolate rabbits on sticks from Hotel Chocolat. I printed off a picture of the were-rabbit and attached it to a box containing the chocolate rabbits. The kids thought they were were-rabbit lollies!

Wallace shaped sugar cookies, decorated with icing, (you can buy the cutters on this website).

Wallace and Gromit Wensleydale cheese, (visit; wensleydale dot co dot uk).

Wallace and Gromit birthday cake. My cake was a replica Wallace and Gromit cheese, (as mentioned above)!

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

WOW! These are all excellent ideas- I love the 'moon cheese' as party food, and the cake looks brilliant! Sounds like an amazing party- Wallace and Gromit would be proud!

Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

Aww thanks Ellie!

Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

One of my many balloon displays

Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

Rocket ship centrepieces, (big thanks to this website for the template)

Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 23rd 2012

Were-rabbit chocolate bunnies

Auntie-Ann Posted: Apr 24th 2012

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