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TerCla10 Posted: Apr 24th 2012

theres a girl in my class that says i was passing notes during class but it was on my own time  should i be in trouble?

TerCla10 Posted: Apr 25th 2012

i feel gilty though

puppylove Posted: May 8th 2012

what do u mean, your OWN time, like the bell rang or something?

wallace05man Posted: May 10th 2012

this really isn't the website to talk about this on.

harryboy8080 Posted: May 10th 2012

Although this IS general chat, I agree with wallace05man. This is a very personal situtation, and I'm sure your family or friends could you give you advice.

puppylove Posted: May 10th 2012

i guess he can share whatever he whants guys... right? i mean, is HIS  life i guess... right?...

TerCla10 Posted: Jul 5th 2012

thanks puppylove!

puppylove Posted: Jul 5th 2012

shure. i think that if u didnt do anything, u shount feel guilty. i STILL dont get what u mean by your own time thought.

kittykatlozzy Posted: Jul 13th 2012

hhhmm pupplyloves rite if u feel the need to chat on  here and get advice u shud do it hhmm ur own time wats that mean? hope u got it sorted  

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