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Gromit5429 Posted: Apr 24th 2012

If you were with Wallace and Gromit but they could only stay with you for one day what would you do to make that day great?


puppylove Posted: Apr 25th 2012

dude, i made the exact same treat b4 u. u shount copy others peoples ideas cause thats just rude! im gonna tell the aardman staff to shut it down cause im preatty shure its a rule!

harryboy8080 Posted: Apr 25th 2012

Puppylove, it's not that big of a deal. Obviously Gromit5429 wasn't aware of you're thread. Although you shouldn't duplicate threads, just let Aardman staff take care of it, so there aren't any arguements between us.

puppylove Posted: Apr 26th 2012

im pretty shure he knew bout it and u know why? ive SEEN him post on MY treat! i really get annoyed when someone steels something of mine SPECIALLY an idea.

puppylove Posted: Apr 26th 2012

and yes, i did duplicate once cause i did it in the wrong treat but still

Gromit5429 Posted: May 3rd 2012

puppy love i had no idea that you made something likes this before me. i am sorry if your upset but i was new to this site when i made this forum. Please forgive me!!


Gromit5429 Posted: May 3rd 2012

Also i saw your forum a couple days after i made this forum and i thought that you copied me but i hope we can forget about this and move on .

puppylove Posted: May 3rd 2012

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: May 4th 2012

Anyone is free to post a thread within the forum rules. Puppylove, Gromit5429 is new and I'm sure they didn't see you had posted something similar recently...lets make them feel welcome!

Gromit5429 Posted: May 4th 2012

Thank you puppylove I am glad that you have forgiven me.

puppylove Posted: May 4th 2012

kristen, even u did that to me once. u may correct me if im mistaken but im pretty shure that its one of the rules that your NOT suppouse to copy a persons IDEA and make it yours. u have a threat that is wallaces best love interests and i have one EXACLY with the same idea but different title. that what i dont like, also, that ANOTHER reason why i got so angry that they made another relegion threat with u of anyone else from the aardman staff blocking it.wish u would unblock mine cause it was a popular threat that i made and i was proud of it).  the idea of beeing with wallace and gromit for a day and being with them for a day are he same, that why i was upset. hope u understand.

puppylove Posted: May 4th 2012

i also wanna appologise aswell gromit5429, i might been a bit rude and i didnt know u where nnew round here.k?

Gromit5429 Posted: May 4th 2012

k i forgive you puppylove

jbpp Posted: May 20th 2012

make an invention with them and drink tea and eat cheese and crackers.

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