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EmmyRed18 Posted: Apr 25th 2012 Shaun and the flock wound up with the farmer from "STS"after "A Close Shave"? I have a theory that I like to play with, myself, though I'd be interested to hear others (Also, if Aardman has a definite answer I'd like to hear it).

Anyhow, my theory: Following Wendolene's departure, Wallace tried to set about finding out which sheep went back to which farm without success. He then tried to sell them to a good home; however, the wool theiving had been going on for so long many of the farmers had bought new sheep at this point, and didn't have the money to buy any more. Wallace and Gromit both were about to go crazy from trying to make sure the huge flock of sheep were taken care of, but, most importantly, NOT still living in their little house. Then Gromit met up with Bitzer, an old chum from his puppy days at Dogwarts Obedience School, who was in town with the farmer visiting relatives. Bitzer told Gromit (in dog-speak) that the Farmer had suffered heavily from the loss of his sheep to the wool theives, but couldn't find a flock to buy that he could afford. Gromit relayed this to Wallace, who got in contact with the farmer and out of sheer desperation gave him the flock for free. Gromit told Bitzer about Shaun's intellegence, but scatterbrained Wallace forgot to tell the Farmer. Bitzer, after meeting Shaun and realizing his mischeivious side, an knowing the farmer's temper, decided it was probably better that the sheep's antics be kept under wraps. As he himself became good friends with the little sheep from the get-go, he was able to convince Shaun that this was a good idea. Then they moved back to the farm, and the two respective worlds went their seperate ways.   Sound good?

LoveShaun19 Posted: Apr 28th 2012

I like it! It makes sense. I've often wondered about that too. :)

Nathan M Posted: Apr 29th 2012

Thats awesome, it ties everything together very well! :)

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