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w&gfan75 Posted: Apr 29th 2012

hey everybody who here's a futurama fan. i am tell your favorite charecter and qoute's you like

i like benderĀ 

Gromits little bro Posted: May 3rd 2012

Favourite episode for me is either The Fransworth Parabox or The Sting. Favourite character is,mof course, Bender.

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 3rd 2012

This tv show is quite dirty!
am I right or left?

cheesehead302 Posted: May 5th 2012

Yeh, i aggree. I don't think it belongs on this kind of site, mmasonghi.

jennypebble8 Posted: Dec 10th 2012

Massive futurama fan :) Bender makes the show! love it. Thought id contribute to this lovely community and share with you the Futurama font

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 13th 2012

cool reason bro.

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 13th 2012

Futurama is supremely underated, it's one of the only shows worth watching now. It's on Netflix, so I've done seen every episode, including the hour and a half specials.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 13th 2012

to me, futurama is just a bad copy of the simpsonsĀ 

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 13th 2012

Lol I thought it was the Simpsons, but every line was a good joke that actually continued the plot.

Nathan M Posted: Dec 14th 2012

Futurama is the last thing I watch when theres nothing on tv, that doesn't make it a bad show. But i'm just not into it as much. I watch other cartoons such as Simpsons, family guy, american dad and cleveland show

tevta Posted: Dec 14th 2012

Perhaps I'm a little biased when it comes to Futurama, but it was the first cartoon that me and my hubby watched eleven years ago and it's still like the best anniversary gift if they approve another season. We love it. I love it. My favorite is Zapp Brannigan
"You look like a woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Come over here and feel my velour bedspread."

tre01 Posted: Dec 15th 2012

I loved Futurama back in the days when Fry was still so surprised by how everything had changed. Problem is, now that it's in 3012, so 12 years since it's beginning, it's just not the same anymore. ')">

w&gfan75 Posted: Dec 18th 2012

puppylove this is created by the same guys so yea i see the simalarity between them with a little bit of the jetsons

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