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Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: May 2nd 2012

The 57th Creation of the Month competition has now been drawn and we are excited to announce the following winners:

1st Prize –A Wallace & Gromit book, mug (design will vary), pen and pencil, plus a signed certificate from Nick Park!

Xsyrenn with a beautiful picture of  Wallace and Piella dancing the Famenco!

Runners Up – A Wallace & Gromit book, mug (design will vary), pen and pencil

Lovetottie with an excellent model of a pirate Lady Tottington - great idea and great details!

Liv T with models of Wallace, Gromit and Feathers in The Wrong Trousers- great job!

Samuelhayward with a lovely picture of Wallace & Gromit as pirates - we love Wallace's wooden leg!

Congratulations to our winners!  We will be in touch with you all about your prizes by the end of next week.  A big WELL DONE to everyone who took part, as always it was a tough decision, and we look forward to seeing even more cracking entries this month

Good luck!

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samuelhayward Posted: May 2nd 2012

Thank you so much I can't believe  it!

LoveShaun19 Posted: May 2nd 2012

Congratulations! :)

wandgfanatic Posted: May 2nd 2012

Well done to all of the winners! 

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: May 17th 2012

Congratulations all! Well done!

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

i have a question aardman staff: if u dont live in england, could u still win? if so, how do u send the prises? mail maybe?

Piratecaptainrocker123 Posted: May 27th 2012

Wow! They all look amazing!No wonder they got prizes...

LoveShaun19 Posted: May 27th 2012

@Puppylove, I live in America and I've won a few of the STS Art prizes. They send them by mail, it just takes a while if you live further away. It was about a three-month wait for mine.

puppylove Posted: May 27th 2012

but, how do u tell them your adress?

Marinka Posted: May 28th 2012

Well done, lads!!!

LoveShaun19 Posted: May 29th 2012

They use your personal email and ask you what it is. That way, only the Aardman staff can see it. :)

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jun 4th 2012

What if you live in the Philippines? Can they send it?

lovetottie Posted: Nov 2nd 2012

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