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Gromit5429 Posted: May 3rd 2012

You must be careful when making forums because, if you copy something from someonelse's forum they can be upset and they could report you.

If anyone has gone through this before give me a text and iI'll help you out.

harryboy8080 Posted: May 10th 2012

I am extremely confused over the obviousness this thread was created about.

puppylove Posted: May 10th 2012

 your so mean harryboy!... but i did think the same thing... wow, i suck! but hes just tring to make conversation that all.

Gromit5429 Posted: May 10th 2012

this thread was made by mistake i meant to put something else but i made a typo and i got stuck with this well sorry if you didn't understand.

puppylove Posted: May 10th 2012

its ok(?)

Banjo Boy Posted: May 17th 2012

Oh, puppylove! Yeah, it's me again. Don't say suck in refering to someone or something. It's another inappropriate word. This site should be totally rated G, without anything that's ify. This is the third time I've tried to ask you to eliminate crude words. If I find another one, I'll report you. Thank you.

puppylove Posted: May 17th 2012

oh come ON! this is silly! the world is full of cruelness and bad things in it! sometimes u cant have the benefit of being a "goddy two shoes" all your life or even in the "appropriate" age! there are so many things that are a billion times worse in the world and u cant do a thing about it! bothering me for something that ISNT innapropriate is like... accusing u of liking something "innapropriate" like say south park or something! this is who i am and its not offensive to say stuff like suck or frick! i would stop if i was accuay curing WITCH IM NOT so... leave me be man!

cheesehead302 Posted: May 18th 2012

Yeh, I kinda agree with pupylove. I mean, there are some 4- 8 year olds on this site, but I mean so many KINDERGARDENERS on my bus are saying cuss words and stuff! But I mean I don't cuss but I do use words like that.

puppylove Posted: May 18th 2012

thank u very much cheesehead! at least U understand

yianni Posted: May 18th 2012

i got reported for saying Dam!!!!

cheesehead302 Posted: May 19th 2012

But for real puppylove, watch what you type, you might get reported because aparentaly you said stuff like that alot.

puppylove Posted: May 19th 2012

wow, being reported for saying dam! really? now THATS unfair. sorry yianni. anyways,, what happenes if u get reported? dont even know. myself, i think its fine as long as its not swearing.

yianni Posted: May 20th 2012

yeah nothing happened to me when i got reported they just delete the message somehow so no one can see it

puppylove Posted: May 20th 2012

oh, that all... no biggy. but i guess it was my fault that they cancelled my threat on relegion..

yianni Posted: May 22nd 2012

why did they cancel it

puppylove Posted: May 22nd 2012

we starded discusting about homosexuality wich i saw NO PROBLEM WHAT SO EVER! its a perfectly normal thing in the world and NOT innapropriate but... yeah

Banjo Boy Posted: May 25th 2012

Well, good for whoever reported you, yianni! You shouldn't be saying anything that anybody would want to report you for, but especially not that! That's entirely inappropriate and should not be said anywhere, but espcially not on a kids' site. BTW, I'm not the one who reported you.

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

drama queen...

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

i thought u never say "bad" words and that you a angle  banjo boy!

Banjo Boy Posted: May 25th 2012

I'm not a queen (as my name implies), and honestly, I don't ever say those words. Now, an angel... well, that all depends on who you're asking. Of course I think I am. Anyway...

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 25th 2012

Wow puppylove sound like someone needs a nap 

wallace05man Posted: May 26th 2012

puppylove no offence, but you can be a drama queen sometimes

harryboy8080 Posted: May 26th 2012

I agree. And the issue with homosexuality is because we have had problems with that before.

cheesehead302 Posted: May 26th 2012

Well why doesn't thread have its name changed. Or better yet, just have it deleted. Cuz its gone way off topic now. :/

puppylove Posted: May 26th 2012

nobody is a angle! we ALL have our defects. maybe i might be dramatic sometimes cause that my being, i take DRAMA classes. no one is a saint. look banjo boy, your reality must be really wonderful if its all puppies and cities but thats not the world. u icant be espect that everyone to never say bad words and be good to everyone because its not real! that dosent exist! open your eyes now before u get really hurt. this is sily! i dont make question to defend myself ither cause im a debater too. i find it healthy to argue with people if they bring up something that bothers me. wallace and harry, i wasnt offended im jut being very seriouse right now. u guys have defects too.

Banjo Boy Posted: May 26th 2012

I was only joking about my being an angel. My reality is actually pretty nice, FYI. Of course there will be people who will say bad words and talk about inapproprite topics, but that doesn't mean I will, and I may even try to stop them because I don't want to hear it. By the way, kitties and cities are completely different.

puppylove Posted: May 26th 2012

i have the right to spell wrong once in awhile for speaking 3 languages and because im typing. your REALLY not funny. at all.

harryboy8080 Posted: May 27th 2012

Three different languages? That's impressive! I speak French, English, and very little Spanish.

puppylove Posted: May 27th 2012

eu falo portugues,english y espanhol! mi acento espanol esta um poco mal pero si hablo fluentemente. english, people say i speack it so well, i have a new yorker accent e o portugues, nao muito accento, so um pouquinho de accent minero... mais pouco. thanks!

Gromits little bro Posted: May 27th 2012

Hope I'm not intruding, but this thread is soooo random!!.

Anyway, i agree that swearing and vulgar languauge is entirely innappropriate for this site, but saying dam(with an n) and saying phrases, which can be misconstrued, isn't worthy of being reported. Firstly, puppylove said, "wow, i suck!" to which banjoboy retorted that it was vulgar. I argue that, 6 year olds would firstly, not get the double meaning of this, so commenting on it was pointless. Secondly, banjoboy, you must have a rather crude mind, to read that sentence in that context, and immediately take the other meaning of it. I think that people on these websites are overreacting to everyday phrases. I do realise that thew conversation has moved on a bit, but I just wanted to point out that what puppylove did wasn't wrong at all....

harryboy8080 Posted: May 27th 2012

I definetly agree with you GLB.

puppylove Posted: May 27th 2012

what kind of miracle is this? u defending me? luv ja gl bro!

harryboy8080 Posted: May 28th 2012

Puppylove, I'm not defending or siding with anyone. Sometimes we may agree, eventhough a majority of the time we do not. But in the end, we're both Wallace and Gromit lovers and pretty much here for some of the same reasons.

puppylove Posted: May 28th 2012

wasnt talking about u( no offence) i was talking about glb!

Gromits little bro Posted: May 28th 2012

Hehe, I thought that what happened wasn't fair, so yeah I stuck up for you! If I see something wrong or unfair, I'm going to speak up, and actually point out the obvious. 

puppylove Posted: May 28th 2012

yeah, im like that alot too.

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