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puppylove Posted: May 9th 2012

what are your origains? im pretty shure that not EVERYONE in the site is brittish or was born in the UK(same thing?) anywho, tell be bout your origins, your culture, where u where born and where u live now. myself, im brasilian like my whole family even thought, i lived in many places in south america and outside of it, i think only the united states. i speak three languages that are spanish, portuguese and of corse english. i also can immitate the brittish accent wich i LOVE  to do when i get the chance thats not very offen. what bout u?

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: May 10th 2012

i from the uk, i live in the uk

wallace05man Posted: May 10th 2012

i am from earth

Nathan M Posted: May 10th 2012

Always the uk that I have lived in

harryboy8080 Posted: May 10th 2012

I was born in America. Shortly after my family moved to England. When I turned 6 we moved back to America. Confusing.... Is it not?

1flyingdog Posted: May 10th 2012

I live in America!   

puppylove Posted: May 10th 2012

not really harryboy, u should see the places I lived in... loads of countries, not all of them likable

puppylove Posted: May 10th 2012

why did u have to live in england? do u have a accent?

cheesehead302 Posted: May 14th 2012

I live in America in the state of Georgia.

puppylove Posted: May 14th 2012

is there someone in the site that is not brittish or north american? maybe asian or south american?

iantimothy Posted: May 14th 2012

Born in San Francisco, California. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky. And will probably end up going to college in California or Georgia. 

puppylove Posted: May 14th 2012

i wish i could go to an artistic college in california :/

harryboy8080 Posted: May 15th 2012

Same, Puppylove. I really don't have much of an accent anymore, but I've become a master of it.

cheesehead302 Posted: May 15th 2012

Sweety iananthony, we might meet up some day!

puppylove Posted: May 15th 2012

harry: master at what?
cheesehead:??? O.o 

Gromits little bro Posted: May 16th 2012

A master of doing the accents, like putting on an American accent if youre British and vice versa etc. 
I lived in England, now I live in Wales. 

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: May 16th 2012

Scotland :D always will be living in scotland 

puppylove Posted: May 16th 2012

thats cool! im prettyy good at imitating the brasian minero accent, brittish and ammerican. for spanish... i dont think i ever desenvolved an accent.. :I

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 17th 2012

I was born in San angelo, TX and the moved to springtown, TX then to Azle, TX and now I live in Odessa, TX ALL TEXAS

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: May 17th 2012

what is the brasian minero accent

Banjo Boy Posted: May 17th 2012

My mom's family goes to Italy, but that's a few gens back. My dad's family's Dutch, but that's a LOT of gens back. I was born and raised in Florida, USA, for 9 years, and then we moved to North Carolina, home of modern banjo playing. And here I sit. I've never left the country, although England interests me.

puppylove Posted: May 17th 2012

masonghi studios: que genial viejo! medio que tenia ganas de hablar en espanhol o portugues en el site pero parece que casi nadie sabe! podiamos usar el espanhol como talves un codigo si te quiero contar algo personal o un secreto nose! pero si seria cool hablar con vos en espanhol! siempre as vivido en texas?

puppylove Posted: May 17th 2012

glad u asked tecnotrousers! that the accent they have on minas gerais, Brasil. its a bit close to sao paulo. my mum was born their so sometimes with or even without noticing or wanting i tend to immitate that accent

iantimothy Posted: May 17th 2012

Cheesehead, what part of Georgia do you live in? 

Like I said I was born in California, but almost all of my family lives here in Kentucky. My grandfathers side is the Boone side, and we are somehow related to Daniel Boone, the frontiersman. The rest is German who came to Kentucky in the 1880s and the rest is Irish who settled in Iowa in the 1870.

iantimothy Posted: May 17th 2012

P.s. banjo boy, you may have Scruggs, but we have Monroe. 

yianni Posted: May 18th 2012

I live in Australia and i was bourn in australia

puppylove Posted: May 18th 2012

i luv australlia mate! cricky!

Banjo Boy Posted: May 18th 2012

Too true, iantimothy! That's where bluegrass began!

puppylove Posted: May 18th 2012

whats bluegrass?

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 18th 2012

puppylove i needed to use google tanslate to find out what you said yo no hablo español yes i have always lived in texas

puppylove Posted: May 18th 2012

 WHAT! that impossible!!! if u lived in mexico your entire life how can u not speak the main language of the country!!! that makes no sence!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXPLAIN!HOW???

iantimothy Posted: May 18th 2012

Who said they lived in Mexico, mason lives in Texas.

I have taken spanish for a few years now, I am terrible at it.
Es dificilisimo para a mi. Yo sabe nadie

Did I say that right?   

iantimothy Posted: May 18th 2012

And puppy love, bluegrass is the traditional music that comes straight out of the mountains of Kentucky, tennesee, north carolina, Virginia and west virginia. It is usually performed acoustically, with guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and standup bass. It is usually what people think of as "hillbilly" music. Modern bluegrass was made popular by Bill Monroe, a proud Kentuckian who named the style after Kentuckys nickname "the bluegrass state" 

cheesehead302 Posted: May 19th 2012

Ian, I live in Hartwell, GA. It's a really small town below Athens.

puppylove Posted: May 19th 2012

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! k. wait... i thought they spoke spanish in texas AND mexico... dont judge me k, u guys know some stuff and i know others. another thing, i would like to say that i dont wanna harm when i say hillbilly guys, i use the term cause that the only one i know in english.

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 21st 2012

nope BUT there are a lot of spanish speaking people down here I live in the panhandle of texas up in the Permian_Basin_(North_America) area about two hours from new mexico a lot of spanish seaking people come here for work(they drill for oil) 

puppylove Posted: May 21st 2012

ohsorry if i confused u with me speacking spanish and all

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 21st 2012

No prob 

grabbit Posted: Jul 19th 2012

im from new zealand

alibongob Posted: Jul 28th 2012

i'm from the uk, Pontifract ( the home of haribos ) and now i live in bridlington but i want to live in ireland when im older

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jul 31st 2012

I live in the Philippines! 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 1st 2012

British. Live in UK. Love it and its traditions. And wallace and gromit!

23192319 Posted: Aug 2nd 2012

I live in Ohio, but the family tree behind me? That`s a whole difernt story...........

There`s contrys i can`t even spell that my ansesters come from!

23192319 Posted: Aug 2nd 2012

I have a littel bit of everywhere in my hereitige!

fhfh98 Posted: Aug 2nd 2012

im from Ireland!

Fossa_juliette Posted: Aug 18th 2012

oxfordshire in the uk!!

The original Feathers Mcgraw Posted: Sep 23rd 2012

im from chicago

wilsonm Posted: Oct 24th 2012


Pink-Muffin Posted: Oct 28th 2012

My dad is british (so are some of my realatives...) but I live in germany. I love to spend my holidays in england!!!

Angry kid Posted: Oct 29th 2012

I live in England

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