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Fish Posted: Nov 12th 2012

I live in the USA. I took a DNA test a few months ago and got a big surprise.

I know that most of my forebearers lived in the British Isles and in Germany. But my DNA is 75% Scandinavian! I researched this a bit and found out that lots of the people who live in the UK and in Germany are actually of Scandinavian desent. That's because the Vikings invaded and then settled in Ireland, Yorkshire and lots of other places.

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Nov 12th 2012

i was born in the god's own country,lives in the god's own country

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Nov 12th 2012

puppy love you can get under moderation because you are letting others say their adress

evastar7 Posted: Nov 12th 2012

planet earth

abhijith Posted: Nov 21st 2012

I lives in kerala,India.

abhijith Posted: Nov 21st 2012

I Lives in kerala, India

AndrewS Posted: Nov 21st 2012

Ilive in the USA,the state of Tennessee,the town of crossvile.

SheilaACH Posted: Dec 4th 2012

Born and raised in Florida, USA

Nelson8 Posted: Dec 4th 2012

I am american, in other words, I live in the U.S.A. Read my "about me" it tells further information about where I'm from like the town and state.

23192319 Posted: Dec 5th 2012

I was born in Illinois.

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 26th 2013

i live in london but my mum is greek cypriot and my dad is welsh :D

wallece113 Posted: Jan 26th 2013

I live in a nice little town in the South West of England called Tiveton.

Virgi Posted: Jan 28th 2013

I'm Italian and I live in Italy. I speak Italian, English and a bit of French and I'd like to learn Spanish.

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 28th 2013

hey guys just saying I already started a thread about where your from.

but who really cares????
I'm from Nevada, USA

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