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Gromit5429 Posted: May 11th 2012

What movie do you think Aardman will make next another Wallace&Gromit movie perhaps?!


samuelhayward Posted: May 12th 2012

They are in the proccess of several at the moment, including a shaun the sheep feature length, a sequel to pirates, wallace and gromit legends of golds, and nickpark is working furiously on a new script for another film, but no-one knows what it is yet.

Gromit5429 Posted: May 13th 2012

Cool I can't wait to find out what movie nick is making next!!!!!!

cheesehead302 Posted: May 14th 2012

Alot of people are talking about the legend of gold, but that site it came from didn't look legit.

puppylove Posted: May 14th 2012

u mean wikipidea??? EVERYTHING wikipidea says is not legit..... but if it is true... why legends of gold????

student 5 Posted: May 14th 2012

meatloaf of death

yianni Posted: May 18th 2012

hay samuelhayward how did you find out

cheesehead302 Posted: May 18th 2012

Oh, wikipedia? Well i originaly saw it on this other site. But wikipedia doesget info from other sites.

puppylove Posted: May 18th 2012

i just dont trust it anymore, whatever info it says... i thought the info came from wiki...

yianni Posted: May 18th 2012

it dosn't say anything about the shaun the sheep feature length on the shaun the sheep production blog

cheesehead302 Posted: May 19th 2012

Now I know it the STS film is true, I'm pretty sure W and had a post about it some time ago. 

yianni Posted: May 20th 2012

Thanks samuel your great on the other threat i could not tell weather it was true or not because there was no evidence

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