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icy blue Posted: May 19th 2012

Welcome to My Orignal Comic Thread.
This is the thread where i will post comics that i have created.
Note:Please Read the Instructions Below.....

Title-Tubb Dylan
Created-25-April 2010

An Anthropromorphic Dog named Tubb Who lives in the suburbia of a small town named Timber Ville.Spending his days in an Abandon Back Yard Of An Old House.Tubb is friends with a Nerd Gopher Named Arthur and A wacky squirrel Named Nutty.Togather the trio causes Mayhem around the suburbia or just sit around do nothing and comment on humans.

A young Pooch.Tubb lives in his back yard.Reading Comics Or Watching Tv.His Curiousity Makes Him a trouble maker.Tired of his old life,He likes to make many changes in his life for a better and progressing life style.His Domestic Habits Makes Him spying on others houses or stealing groceries from his own house or others.Like Other Dogs,He is active and athletic which is why he likes playing golf.Tubb`s Best friend is Arthur

Arthur is a very intelligent gopher.Arthur spends time reading books or Digging holes under ground.He is always telling Tubb and Nutty not to fool around.He enjoys reading books or net surfing.He is tubb`s Best friend

Adorable and Childish.Nutty is a young squirrel.His Charater makes him Forget ful and Abit Crazy.He is always making quick decissions.He is always running  around collecting nuts.He likes to paint pictures.His Favorite food is hot dogs.

I will post a few comic strips each weeks.Every member is free to comment about it (Please follow the basic Shaun The Sheep House Rules).PLEASE NOTE THAT....This thread is not for Chatting.HOWEVER...You can share your drawn art here.

Thank You,
-Icy Blue

icy blue Posted: May 19th 2012

Ok PPL lets make this an Easy Start...Shall We?

First Comic-
Name-Try Reboot`in It
Charaters Involved-Arthur,Nutty


I Made this comics on the work Reboot...Or Booting...Like when you REBOOT your computer.As the name indicates....Nutty`s Computer is Stuck.While asking Arthur what to do.Arthur says that Just reboot it (or restart it).But due to lack of intelligence in Nutty`s mind,he throws a rubber boot at the computer instead which humoursly makes the computer start functioning again.

i hope you like it....

puppylove Posted: May 19th 2012

WOW! your really good like PROFECIONNAL good!!! be proud! u could make this  part of your life in the future!!!

puppylove Posted: May 19th 2012

HEY!!! did u notice that your birthday is the same day gromit's birthday is! and my dog!!!

icy blue Posted: May 20th 2012

Thank you puppylove,
I will post more comics soon

Well i haven't noticed about my birth day.....I think it's pretty cool me and gromit are born on the same day and so as your puppy.

Thank you for telling me such a cool fact.
Please check back for more comics

-icy blue

puppylove Posted: May 20th 2012

shure! but cindy, my dog, shes not a pup anymore. shes 5. but thanks!!!

yianni Posted: May 22nd 2012

amazing comic

cheesehead302 Posted: May 22nd 2012

Well that's awesome.... accualy rebooting a computer takes wayto long. 

icy blue Posted: May 23rd 2012

that is why the squirrel (Nutty) used a boot!

puppylove Posted: May 23rd 2012

dude, i dont think having a squirl as a pet is sanitery... shure their cute butt... its just wrong.

icy blue Posted: May 31st 2012

I will post new comics soon

puppylove Posted: May 31st 2012

i mean its not sanitary. its wrong. their wild animals. its not a pet.

harryboy8080 Posted: May 31st 2012

And besides, nothing says anything about age in the house rules.

EDIT: Sorry about that. Was not meant for this thread.

puppylove Posted: May 31st 2012


harryboy8080 Posted: May 31st 2012

Oops... I meant to post this ssmewhere else hahaha!

icy blue Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

Wat r u two talking about??
First of all I don't have  a squirrel as a pet I was talking about the charater in the comics...
Ok and what r u talking about HarryBoy8080??

puppylove Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! i thought u said u had a quirrrel pet!... i feel stupid

icy blue Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

Just don't do any spamming next time understand! 

puppylove Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

 wha cha mad bro?

icy blue Posted: Jun 4th 2012

I said stop spamming!!!!

puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

shilax man! im wasnt spamming, i just thought u had a PET squirrel. no need to be ruude.

icy blue Posted: Jun 4th 2012

Puppy love
Please visit my website here is a link
This is where I post my comics
I hope u like it

And comment on the blog for ur feed backs about the site 

puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

 so... first ur being a bit rude then u ask me to see your comics??? thanks but no thanks.

icy blue Posted: Jun 5th 2012

I am So sorry for being rude and meannext time I will be super nice
Now I feel like a bad person why I am so sorry

puppylove Posted: Jun 5th 2012

 im sorry too. i can be kinnah of an ashole to people sometimes. i was kinnah mad about something else that day to... its alright no worries!

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 5th 2012

Puppylove, ashole is one of the words people don't like, and you might get reported ;) just letting you know. I won't though :)

puppylove Posted: Jun 5th 2012

k. my bad. i just wanted to see if it would work...

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