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puppylove Posted: May 20th 2012

hey guys, i made a threat about "where u wanted to vacation to the most" and there i mentioned that i was going to travel to universal, disnay and all thos places. well.. i wount anymore. my dad is facing finantial problems so he said i wount be going anywhere this summer. its funny, they always do that ot me, they always promise me things, promise me that i will go somewhere at summer, that i wount just be staying at home with nothing to do just staring at the computer or television witch is pratically my life out of school. shure, i do other things like drama class and use to do tennis but... it stilll feels empty. i dont like sports and dont find them fun, i was only doing tennis to give mum some piece in her mind. i just wish they would just stop doing this, getting my hopes up, making me dream and then... poof, its gone.everything i looked for this summer,gone. most of u might not understand my agony and sadness because your parent are probably very well benefited and well finantially so u could always be thankfull for them never letting your hopes up and failing a promise. so i write here my feelings with no real purpouse but just feeling like i need a place to put it down a bit. if u would like to say something u can. maybe u do know how this feels, maybe your not american or brittish that live in a perfecly good ambient where u have something to do or a place to go on your boring times not like me. i said i liven in bolivia for the moment and most of u probably dont know where it is.i suggest u look in a map. its a place much like paraguay. its not a rick city, theres not much to do, and there very disevoluated. its a place where u still see people on the streats... anyways, its not fun. so... yeah. pretty much my summer( here winter) will be getting fatter like a bear on hibernation and sleeping most of my time.this is my reallity, this is puppyloves reallity. i present u adara.

cheesehead302 Posted: May 20th 2012


puppylove Posted: May 20th 2012

try this happening to u every year cheesehead

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