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puppylove Posted: May 23rd 2012

for the first time, i decided to post my wallace and gromit creation but... it wasnt uploaded yet im getting nervouse here! does it take THIS long??? i uploaded it like 2 days ago. thanks.

samuelhayward Posted: May 23rd 2012

They do upload it eventually, as long as it's not in appropriate

puppylove Posted: May 23rd 2012

but how long does it take????!

yianni Posted: May 24th 2012

about 2 hours

samuelhayward Posted: May 24th 2012

depends when aardman staff get round to it, i would imagine it would be today

harryboy8080 Posted: May 25th 2012

You could just wait and see, and if it dosen't work, try again. This question gets asked so very often.

cheesehead302 Posted: May 25th 2012

Yeh it get's on my nerves, too. Did you upload it on a weekend? The website Aardman staff people bros and lady bros are off on weekends.

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

MY GOD!!! im so happy to be here!!! yesturday, for some crazy reason, no matter how much i tried, i COUNT LOG IN!!! i thought the aardman staff might have expelled me or something. wait a minute... WHY WASNT MY CREATION UPLOADED???? i see many creations that where uploaded but not mine!!!

cheesehead302 Posted: May 25th 2012

Puppylove, that happened to me yesterday, too. I think it had somthin to do with the new site background.

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

yeah, i thought it might have been that too but... on many peoples pages it worked just fine!i dunno, i think its like a glich or something

wallace05man Posted: May 26th 2012

yeah that happened to me, everytime i logged on it didn't work

cheesehead302 Posted: May 26th 2012

I hated when that happened because this is like one of the only interesting things on the interwebs right now. I have rutine. Get home from school(which, that's off my list right now), Get on W and for like 30-40 mins, Get on check out these websites because I like a hobby called papercrafting and it'sm really fun), Get on, check out the ol', and like the rest of the day look for junk on and look for things that are fun to make on to keep me busy(most of the time I cant anything to build/do so I'm bored.

puppylove Posted: May 26th 2012

i feel ya cheesehead, i feel ya. i just come here cause i get really really BORED in this town. theres nothing to do, i got no company.... all i got so i dont go completely insane of boredome is my computer..... and sometimes a book but im so lazy i just cant read it. :I guilty?

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