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puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

YES! no more tests! no more torture! no more stupid people!! VACATIONS ARE FINALLY HERE!!... and im going nowhere.. was this your last day of school too? if not, is it close? what grade are u going to? what u gonna do on your vacation? right now, im just waiting for the 2nd of june to go to the seneours graduation P A R T Y! lets talk about your expiriencies below!

harryboy8080 Posted: May 25th 2012

I just graduated 8th grade and am going into highschool. Hooooray! Wait, puppylove, how old are you?

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

wow! same thing!!!! but.. im gonna try to jump a year with summer school cause im 2 years late because i lose time because my dad travels alot and there are the different school systems...(long story, its complicated)highschool in some countries start in 7th grade like here,personally, i liked the old highschool system better. i guess ill only have a graduation party in 12th(or 11th) grade +. i said my age a couple of times already, why u wanna know?

cheesehead302 Posted: May 25th 2012

OOOOOOO me toooooo!!!!!!!!!!! It was accually yesterday for me, but u could choose if you wanted to go to day or not. 

iantimothy Posted: May 25th 2012

Today was my last day. I will be a senior this year and then College. 

puppylove Posted: May 25th 2012

so... in august.. youll be a aeneour? cool!!

harryboy8080 Posted: May 26th 2012

Just wondering puppylove.

puppylove Posted: May 26th 2012

just turned 16.

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: May 26th 2012

don't say your age on here puppylove 

btw i left high school before all of you

i left on 3rd of june 2011


Gromits little bro Posted: May 26th 2012

I finished school for forever yesterday. A bit depressing tbh. 

puppylove Posted: May 26th 2012

ohhh!! what about prom glb??? your gonna have a nice night? u have a date???im gonna go to the seneours prom cause they let other highschool students go their too

Gromits little bro Posted: May 27th 2012

We only have proms hear in year 11, which is two school years below me. We have leaving dinners in Year 13 (my year), but I didn't go because, frankly, most of the people in my year are jerks. 

cleasby99 Posted: May 27th 2012

im in England in year 8. We've just finished exams and im going away on a school trip for a week now 

puppylove Posted: May 27th 2012

hm. i can kinnah relate to the subject "everyone is a jerk in my class" thing but... theres gotta be a girl thats worthful or... a really awesome friend in your class! just one, the important thing in a prom is to enjoy the party and the wonderful celebration of the party and never coming back to schoolagain!!! just... ignore those morons and... have fun but... i guess u cant anymore:/. and... congrats on your trip cleasby99!!! cheers!

Gromits little bro Posted: May 27th 2012

I have oen good friend at school, and they didnt want to go either!!  And i can't stand them. I'd rather not waste £20 on going to be honest!!

puppylove Posted: May 27th 2012

O.o. alright, its your choice u guess...

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