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EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

(This contest is also accessible from the STS website)

Hi All!

I was inspired by my buddy BanjoBoy (who made a really cool quiz that I'm sorry I missed out on) to create a quiz game based off of "Calvin and Hobbes".  If you know this comic, or have heard of it, please feel free to participate; if you don't but want to wing it just for the fun of it that's okay, too. This thread is the "sign-up" thread, so I know who all wants to participate; leave your name if you want to join in! Here is how this is going to work -


General Info: The questions will be posted in three segments over the course. There will be one segment posted a week, or thereabouts; I won't post a new one until I get at least three responses, unless an insane amount of time passes. Each segment will have the projected/possible date of the next segment's post on it. Questions will either be Multiple choice (MC), True/False (T/F), or Fill-the-Blank. Answering. To Answer the questions, post to the thread a reply, which contains the questions' numbers and your respective answers. It would look something like:

1. A 2. False 3. B 4. A Tiger 

...and so on and so forth. I would reccomend writing down the answers on a sheet of paper as you go down the list, before typing them down.


Winning. Each question block will have twenty 5-point questions, and one bonus really hard 20-point question at the end. A perfect score on a segment is 100 -  a perfect quiz total is 300. This will be augmented to 120 and 360 if you get the bonus points correct; however, you won't lose points for getting those wrong.  I will calculate and return your scores to you in a reply to your answer posts, and award prizes accordingly.


Prizes. The top three highest scores will recieve two color STS or W&G pictures (to your description) from me. Anyone in the 4th to 10th place range will recieve one Color STS or W&G picture (to their description) from me. Anyone who participates but does not win a prize gets one black and white STS or W&G picture request from me.

The First block of questions will be posted momentarily.

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 2nd 2012

Anyone interested? :D

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