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EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

(This contest is also accessible from the STS website)

This is the first of the three parts of the Calvin and Hobbes Quiz that will be posted over the next month or so. For Rules on How to Sumbit Answers, see Prizes for winners are:

1st-3rd Place: Two STS or W&G-themed color pictures, to your description, done by me.
4th-10th Place: One STS- or W&G-themed color picture, to your description, done by me.
Everyone else who Enters: One STS or W&Gt-hemed Black-and-White Picture, to your description, done by me.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE! Even if you don't really know the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic books by Bill Watterson, you can wing it for the fun of it if you want to win a picture from me.


1. MC: What does Calvin always see Hobbes as?

A. a real Tiger
B. a toy tiger
C. a pet Tiger

2. MC: What does everyone else see Hobbes as?

A. a real Tiger
B. a toy Tiger
C. a pet Tiger

3. MC: Bill Watterson had several pet cats; which one did he say (many times) inspired him to draw Hobbes?

A. Sprite
B. Sparkle
C. Spunky

4. Name one of Calvin's classmates.

5. T/F: Calvin's School's principal is Mrs. Spittle.

6. T/F: Calvin's Dad is a lawyer.

7. MC: Who is the only teenager in town willing to brave babysitting Calvin?

A. Rosa
B. Rosabel
C. Rosalyn

8. Name one of Calvin's "cardboard box" inventions.

9. MC: Which of these insults did Calvin NOT use to describe his babysitter?

A. Mean Ol' Barracuda
B. Space Alien Queen
C. Sadistic Kid-Hater

10. MC: Which of these is NOT something Calvin has at some point managed to accidentally wreck/break?

A. The Chimney
B. His Mom's Rose Bushes
C. His Parents' Car

11: Write another item (not on the previous list) that Calvin has managed to wreck/break.

12: T/F Calvin is Six Years Old.

13: MC: Calvin describes his Dad's favorite Camping Spot as "Itchy Island, Home of the ____________"

A. Atomic Poison Ivy
B. Nuclear Mosquitos
C. Grittiest Sand on Earth

14: MC: What is Hobbes' favorite meal?

A. Tuna Fish
B. Canned Pineapple
C: Green Caterpillars

MC: Which Imaginary "Alter Ego" of Calvin's actually only made three appearances in the comic?

A. Spaceman Spiff, Interplanetary Explorer
B: Tracer Bullet, Private Eye
C. Stupendous Man, Crimson-Clad Hero

16 T/F: Calvin attempted to turn into a tiger at one point.

17:T/F: Hobbes was never drawn with pads on his front paws; only his back.

18: MC: Calvin uses the word "STUPENDOUS" in his alter-ego "Stupendous Man"s name as an acronym. What does the first U stand for?

A: Untouchable
B: Uncontrollable
C: Underwear

19: MC: What does the N stand for? (see above)

A: Nobody
B: Nothing
C: Not a

20: T/F: Unlike Calvin, Hobbes never pretended to be somebody else at any time.



Calvin had many imaginary alter egos, though only a handful had names. The best known of the named ones were Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and Tracer Bullet. However, he had two others, who only appeared one time apeice. Can you name one of them?


Answers, and the second question block, will be posted sometime within 8-10 days from now. Good Luck!

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 2nd 2012

Anyone interested? :D

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