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EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

HI All!

So far, I have not done many pictures of Wallace and Gromit which have survived long enough for me to scan them (I am rough on pictures). HOwever, I do have several Shaun the Sheep pictures. This is my gallery, if you will. Please Comment!

Picture 1: Timmy, Bitzer, and Shaun dancing! This was the first STS picture I attempted.

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Oops! It didn't attach!

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Picture 2: I tried to do this on a computer program called "GIMP". The STS gang ready for halloween; they are taking a picture to keep for later, but they won't discover the swarm of bats that have intruded until after it develops.

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Picture 3: "Two by Two at the Lakeside". Shaun and Lola have decided to go down to the local lake for a romantic valentine's evening; however, it seems several other Aardman Couples have the same Idea. The sheep stay safe on the shore, while the others brave boats on the lake.  Bitzer is seranading She-Bitzer with the radio (though he's making it look like he's actually doing the playing on his guitar); the Farmer is going to kiss his girlfriends hand, but is accidentally dumping her chocolate box into the lake in doing so; Wallace and Lady Tottington have managed to capsize their boat, which causes Gromit to desert Fluffles and swim out to save them.

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Picture 4: The Shaun Gang's version of "The Princess Bride".      Timmy has the flu (hence the water bottle on his head) and his mummy is reading him the book. In Timmy's imagination, lovers Westly and Buttercup are Shaun and Lola, bumbling friends Fezzik and Inigo become the farmer and Bitzer, and the small and mean Vizzini is Pidsley.      The scene depicted has Timmy and his mother in the lower corner, with his imagination-world version of "The Princess Bride" taking up most of the picture. In it, Bitzer/Inigo and Westley/Shaun duel it out for custody of Lola/Buttercup, while Pidsley/Vizzini and Farmer/Fezzik look on. This is a picture-in-progress; I was planning to color this, but the original got destroyed before I had the chance. It took a very long time to get Bitzer and Shaun's positions right, as translating the fluid fencing motions to their bulky and/or unusual figures was somewhat difficult.

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Picture 4: "I don't Baa-lieve this!" (entry for the STS computer games picture contest)

The Story here: The Farmer has discovered a fun online game he and Pidsley are both really good at - so much so, he bought a new flatscreen computer so they could play it better. Unfortunately, ever since he threw out his old computer, he's been consistently losing to a certain "fleecyfoe2007", which is really starting to get on his nerves. Here we see him just after another loss, which has also upset Pidsley. Bitzer tries to comfort him; however, the slight smile on his face betrays the fact he knows exactly who fleecyfoe2007 is...because he helped Shaun set up the old computer in the barn, and taught the sheep how to play the game! :-)_____________________________________

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Picture 5: "Not So DIfferent". (Entry for STS Zoo animal picture contest)

Bitzer and the Sheep have managed to sneak out for a visit to the zoo, after normal Zoo hours so the humans won't see them. When they get there, they discover that life on the zoo's not much different from life on the farm; animals chill out, horse around, and generally have fun together, so long as no one's looking. The flock, geared with cameras, binoculars, T-shirts, soda pops, toy helmets and other souvenirs, set about enjoying themselves as only they can, with their new friends from the zoo.


This picture took about 11 hours total (spread out over the course of several days) to draw. It's been fun "Aardman-izing" the animals, especially the more exotic ones. Elements to look for in this picture: Bitzer and an African Wild Dog enjoy tea and soda pop and a chat together. Mummy Sheep, who hasn’t yet realized she has a cockatiel sitting on her back, is taking pictures. Shaun and a Markhor (rare kind of wild goat, for those who don’t know) are posing for one of the pictures, Shaun being decked out in his snazzy new “I Love the Zoo” T-shirt. Timmy has mistaken the Meerkat mound for a sandbox; the 3 Meerkats, who love digging, don’t bother to set him straight and welcome the curious new member of their “clan”. One sheep, armed with binoculars, tried to climb a tree to get a better panoramic view of the zoo but fell; two helpful Vervet Monkeys are trying to keep him from crashing to the ground. Two Cheetahs and a sheep are doing the classic “relaxing” poses, complete with comics, drinks, blankets and a radio. And Finally, a couple of Ostriches are having a race, with two adventurous sheep (who may have bitten off more than they can chew) as passengers.

EmmyRed18 Posted: May 31st 2012

Oops, goofed again!

LoveShaun19 Posted: May 31st 2012

Nice pictures! :)

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