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yianni Posted: Jun 1st 2012

Look at this!!!!! They left a piece of wire in one shotand i promise this isn't from behind the scenes footage if you watch the film and look at the spot where the wire is you shall see it flick in to shot but you have to watch closely because it is only in one frame!!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 1st 2012

I've found a mistake, too. Hard to explain. I'll type it up later.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 2nd 2012

Ok.. I don't know how I noticed this, but, as Gromit tries to get to the window with the bomb, he is stopped by being hit hard with a large metal oven paddle which swings in from his front right side. When we see Piella holding it, there is a Gromit-shaped dent in it, but it is dented the wrong way, bulging outward on the side he was hit with instead of indented. Kind-of get it? Watch the movie you might notice it.

icy blue Posted: Jun 2nd 2012


puppylove Posted: Jun 2nd 2012

i only had the chance to watch that movie once  i wish i had the dvd but this kind of stuff dosent exist here.

icy blue Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

U can watch it on YouTube but they are only in parts

Nathan M Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

Also in one shot gromit's tail isnt there

puppylove Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

yianni Posted: Jun 4th 2012


puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

whats ditto?

samuelhayward Posted: Jun 4th 2012

ditto means me too or same here.

I like mistakes like that i think it adds to the handcraftedness of it all  

puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

oh. thanks.

samuelhayward Posted: Jun 7th 2012

i also noticed that in several places you can see the rig holding gromit, i think it was when he was pretending to be a security guard in amoload

puppylove Posted: Jun 7th 2012

dont remember that part of the movie...

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