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jordan Posted: Jun 2nd 2012

Just a quick log in, dont visit often as i used too, i think the forum has lost its magical touch unfortunatly, :( still working on animations and lots of character designs and other projects :) 
Byeeee for now :)  

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

I feel as if it kind-of has, too.... Probably because we lost so many great members.

Nathan M Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

I agree, the forum isnt like what it used to be. But the website is still good.

puppylove Posted: Jun 3rd 2012

to me its always been the same

yianni Posted: Jun 4th 2012

thats because your new hey harry and nathan when did you guys join i joined september 2010

iantimothy Posted: Jun 4th 2012

I know what they mean, I have been here since 2007.

iantimothy Posted: Jun 4th 2012

There used to be a lot more animation discussion not just "what is your favorite character" stuff.

Nathan M Posted: Jun 4th 2012

Ive also been here from the very start, but this is a slightly newer account from 2008

jordan Posted: Jun 4th 2012

Seems ahwhile ago now :) 

puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

ive always liked wallace and gromit but i only remembered to join in the site in 2011  besides, not everyone is an expert in animation and stuff. where not all geniouses that work and make models, meet famouse people and made fricken movies. u guys kinnah make me and other people feel kinnah bad because u seem to brag a bit saying u meet someone famouse or made a movie. isnt the objective here is to adore wallace and gromit and maybe make friends

iantimothy Posted: Jun 4th 2012

I don't think the forum is bad now, it just used to be more like an animation forum. I learned so much here when I was getting started from people like Jordan and Nofby and Conty. There were also people just about my age who were also getting started and we could kind of play off of each other like Larence Vincent and his vegetables, and Chocachoc with Barry the snail and me with Beaver Creek,  Most of them arent around here anymore. I know we were all better animators because of this site and learning about armatures and sets and animation techniques and no one was afraid to give advice either. I wish there was more of that on this forum anymore.

and puppylove, no need to feel bad. Be a genius! I am not that smart, i guess i just have an eye for animation and it is something I love to do, find something you are good at and do it. If you want to make a movie, make a movie. That's where it starts.

I don't think everyone has to be an animation expert to be on this site, i just remember when there were a lot of great young animators who just wanted to learn everything and it was really fun.  

puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

oh. shure i guess, i have abilities like writting and acting but the thing that depresses me is that... i just cant find out how to start my carrer, i mean, so many young people have accomplished so much in this site like yianni with her movie. i just wish i had someone to help me out aswell. i once tried asking for some one for help of "how to write a book" but they just ignored me. i just wish i knew how to start.:/. i just wanna get a head start on life already. u know what i mean?

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 4th 2012

I know exactly what you mean. That's how I feel, but, I just grab my animation talents, and go for a ride. I never spend a day sitting around, and I'm always trying to meet and get noticed by my idols. If it matters, I joined in early 2009, but have been on this site since 2007 just looking at topics and such. I didn't know I could make an account and I thought the only people who could get accounts were famous animators back then. To me, Conty, Lawrence Vincent, Chocachoc, Nofby, Jordan, and all the others, were "famous" and I wished I could talk to them.

puppylove Posted: Jun 4th 2012

if i could meet josh hucherson i would probably kiss him and run away before the cops get me... <:3

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 5th 2012

Completely agree with this. I've been here since September 2007. It's changed so much!!! 

yianni Posted: Jun 5th 2012

I know no one goes on arts crafts and cookery anymore!!

jordan Posted: Jun 5th 2012

Also thanks for mentioning me for being a great help. Im always happy to help etc

after all the spammers, and non related, & random threads (still quite a few)  to me you just look and cant be bothered to look at those threads cause they arnt interesting etc.  

puppylove Posted: Jun 5th 2012

well jordan, u cant say that for everyones mouth cause... i like it! and many people do to. an example of it is that is is the most popular threat place of the site. over 554 threats and 11 THOUSAND MESSAGES!. its true. so... yeah.

Fish Posted: Aug 13th 2012

I'm glad you are still around, Jordan! I don't comment often, either. I miss some of the people I got to know here who no longer post - like Mark the Shark and SockEye and Cinders and a few others. But mostly I lack the time to post much right now.

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Jan 3rd 2013

to me the forum has no change

T1mmyfan13 Posted: Jan 3rd 2013

Shaun the sheep feels like that sometimes. Recently a buit of the great older users have come back though.

puppylove origin Posted: Jan 4th 2013

fish, this might seem like a weird question but..... do you make youtube videos?

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