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icy blue Posted: Jun 11th 2012

I need to know,
How can i make accurate movements in Animations?
Please tell me 

samuelhayward Posted: Jun 13th 2012

Please tell me if this is not what you mean, but if you are talking about how to get your character to move smoothly, then say you were moving your character's arm up to scratch his head, then to start off you would only move the arm a tiny milimetre, and the same at the other end when the arm is slowing down. in between, the movements will be slightly bigger. This is called accelleration and decelleration- your body has to build up speed before slowing down again.

To make your character more realistic, you will also need to study how other people move, for example the way you swing your leg back before kicking a ball  this is known as anticipation, which is often exadgerated in cartoon and claymation.

hope this helps, please tell me if that is'nt what you meant and I'd be happy to help you further. 

icy blue Posted: Jun 14th 2012

Thank You for you advice...I do appreciate it

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 27th 2012

I say getting some books on animation it helped me a lot I recomend getting the Cracking book of animation by aardman
and i also recomend the animators survival kit I dont have it yet but many people say it's good

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