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yianni Posted: Jun 11th 2012

if your not Gromits little bro dont go on here!

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 11th 2012

Meh might as well chat...not doing anything else! hello!

yianni Posted: Jun 11th 2012


puppylove Posted: Jun 11th 2012

someone took the idea i also had with doobo(cheesehead, thats his nickname) :3 gooooooo ahed. (just wish he would show up more offen )

yianni Posted: Jun 13th 2012

1 why doobo and 2 where is he he isn't around much anymore

puppylove Posted: Jun 13th 2012

i have no idea! i miss him actually. doobo is his school nickname. he likes to be called doobo.

cheesehead302 Posted: Jun 14th 2012

I laffed! yALL WERE  like he hasn't been around much any more but ive been gone for only like a week and a half. (Which is really the longest ive been away from W and 

cheesehead302 Posted: Jun 14th 2012

It would be cool if me and u could get promotions on the site for talking so much. 15 pages full in half a week!!

puppylove Posted: Jun 15th 2012

well... i just hope the site dosent catch us. one more sticke and there gonna put me to moderation even if i wuz innocent and didnt curse at some times! but really... THERE THE FRICK WHERE U??? i didnt train to be up to 3am for nothing! u own me an explination. glad to hav u back man.

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