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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 15th 2012

Winner of the Smeg Fridge Competition Announced!

To coincide with the Great British Summer of celebration, Smeg UK and the Big Lunch asked the public what they thought Wallace would keep in his fridge for his Big Jubilee Lunch.  After a month of weird and wonderful entries, Jennifer Osborn from Sheffield was chosen as the winner with the following entry:

Wallace told Gromit with hand-rubbing glee, “We'll throw a big lunch for the queen's jubilee,
Red, white and blue will be the theme, it came to me in a magical dream,
We'll stock the Smeg fridge with white Wensleydale cheese, and Bordeaux red is sure to please,
We'll have a cheese of different hue, Wensleydale in original blue,
What's that Gromit? No need to mutter, of course we won't forget the butter!
Here take this pile of hard earned smackers, and Gromit - don't forget the crackers.”

Jennifer won a cracking SMEG Union Jack 50's Retro Style Refrigerator, the perfect party accessory for Wallace & Gromit's Great British Summer.  It's just like the one seen in Wallace & Gromit's home....minus the bunnies! Well done Jennifer!

Win a copy of Wallace & Gromit’s Classic Adventures on DVD!

While there’s still plenty of the Great British summer left to enjoy, Wallace & Gromit have teamed up again with Smeg UK to give away 5 cracking Wallace & Gromit Greatest Collection DVDs

To win a copy, enter our competition at

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Jun 15th 2012

Well done Jennifer!! Do we just post the answer here? It was called SMUG in Curse of the were rabbit!

Fionah Posted: Jun 17th 2012


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 18th 2012

Gromitsbuddyinventor - you need to submit your answer on our competition page:

Jose Antonio Posted: Apr 23rd 2013

I woud do anthing to get that')">

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