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1flyingdog Posted: Jun 16th 2012

My Grampa said I Am Related to Jesse James! the Famous outlaw!!  his  middle  name  is  mine!  Jesse Woodson James! are you Related to someone Famous?

samuelhayward Posted: Jun 16th 2012

I'm related to JK Rowling, but it's not very direct and I don't know how to explain it.

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 16th 2012

Wow!  I LOVE her harry potter books!

puppylove Posted: Jun 16th 2012

my middle name is moura but that dosent mean that im related to our dear last retired president lula cause he has moura on his name. like other people ive seen in history that where a bit famouse with that same middle or last name. just cause u have the same last name as a person( specially if its common) dosent mean ur related to him/her.

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 16th 2012

My old friend was related to Anne Frank!

and I descend from king James the first but  I'm nowhere near royally connected now. 

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 16th 2012


iantimothy Posted: Jun 16th 2012

I have done some geneaology, and I am related to this guy who helped build Maryland's capital. Garret Van Swearingen.

Gromits little bro, we are related! I am sure not very much, but I am a descendant of King James on my great grandmother's side of the family, so that probably makes us like 15th cousins or something.

Despite my grandfather's side of the family being Boone's, we are not related to the famous frontiersmen and explorer of Kentucky, Daniel Boone.
I am related to the much less important Walter Boone, who despite living in Kentucky at the same time had absolutely no connection to Daniel Boone. 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 17th 2012

I am very distantly related to two U.S. presidents (J.K. Polk and J. Buchanan).

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 19th 2012

1flyingdog I THINK WE ARE RELATED! jesse james is my seventh cousin i think thats what my dad said anyways

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 19th 2012


MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jun 21st 2012

i am related to former british prime minister Bonar Law and former american president Woodrow Wilson

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 21st 2012

Ahahaha We're related distantly ian :') small world :P

puppylove Posted: Jun 21st 2012

any mouras or milhomes around? maybe we might be related! from the relatives i have NONE even care about wallace and gromit!

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

I think i'm barley related to Abraham Lincoln

puppylove Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

ian hecox is related to abraham lincon!!! no really, its true.

Banjo Boy Posted: Jul 9th 2012

I'm related to Daniel Boone, George Washington, and Sidney Lanier, the poet.

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

I have a buddy who's traced his ancestry back to the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem near the time of Jesus' death and Resurrection.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2012

How is it possibbe to reliably travery a lineage that far back? That seemslike that would be almost impossible. If he is though that is very cool!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

Well, if Jesus really did Ressurect.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2012

The Sanhedrin was like the Jewish Supreme Court it was at the height of it's power at the time of Jesus and the rise of the early Church until Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD, which scattered the Jews and pretty much destroyed any Jewish authority. I don't think the best historians know people who were on the Sanhedrin 2000 years ago. I think only a few names are known, Ciaphas Nicodemus and Gamaliel are the only names that I know. I would be really curious to know how he figured out that ancestry. 

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

I would be aswell. That's pretty far back. Also, Ian, I saw you on Yahoo News.... xD

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2012

Really, was it the Great Day Live segment? 

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

I could post the link, but I wouldn't without your permission, but yes, I think it was.

Your voice sounds alot different and cracky unlike the sqeaky high pitched voice of Twigs. xD Thank you, puberty.... I'm the same way. :P I always thought you voiced Twigs, and then I found out it was a different family member.... :P

But, congrats man! You'll go far with animation in your life. :D I hope I will, aswell.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2012

Yeah, my dad voices Twigs and then it is pitched up. It has been busy I haven't done any Beaver Creek stuff for a while, I have 4 paid animation projects in right now thought, which is a lot of fun.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

I have been animating for LEGO, I've made 3 2 minute animations for 30,000 dollars. Lots of money to be made in the animation buisness. :P

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2012

That's great! I haven't made that kind of money yet, but I did get contacted on friday from someone who is working with a major TV station (I won't say which one yet for confidentiality reasons) but it could mean some money and good exposure. 

And Boinx, the software company that makes iStopMotion uses me for lot's of stuff. Which is nice for getting free software and equiment. 

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

Yeah, I see what you mean. Exposure is really needed. How did you start, getting Beaver Creek noticed and all?
So, is this going to be on T.V.?

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

And sure, I may have made some more money, but haven't gotten the experience of going to Carnegie Hall. That's amazing.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2012

Yeah, even if I am a complete failure for the rest of my life, I can always say "Yeah! My animation has been on the screen at Carnegie Hall" It may have been during the intro to the award show for 7 seconds, but it was there!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

xD lol
But don't say that! You have a bright future, probably brighter than mine! Where do you wish to work when you grow up? I used to be all about wanting to be rich. But then, I realized, if I can get a job working for Aardman, or whatever, doing STOP-MOTION, what I LOVE to do, it won't matter if I make just enough income to live happily. Because it won't even be a job for me. It would still be my hobby.

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 26th 2012

@ IantTimothy; My friend I was referring to is very ill, and has been for about 4 years. He spends most of his time confined to one room in his house by his illness and has had little to nothing to do but mess with the internet regarding the hobbies that interest him, ancestry being one of them. From his room, and also with his familiy's help, he's done a massive amount of research over the months, not only tracing but also checking the sources used to do the tracing. Since they have Jewish Ancestry, it made it actually rather easy to follow that route back as far as records would take them. Jewish people are usally good historians.

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