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puppylove Posted: Jun 22nd 2012

did someone noticed? i dont even know why? so strange. i wonder ir it was the aardman staff who did it. i read the rules and it wasnt exacly against them to be personal it was more or a suggestion but whatever i guess. anyways, i wasnt number 1 how most or u guessed. and to make it fair, i wasnt number 4 ither. i was ither number 2 or 3 but i wount tell ya who exacly cause i dont want more trouble so... yeah. please dont kill me aardman staff( and by kill me i mean expell)

yianni Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

I wonder why the removed it?

wallace05man Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

because it's a picture of you and other people.

puppylove Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

well yeah but its MY responsability. what if i wanna but a pic of myself as an avatar? ive seen 2 people do it.

yianni Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

hey puppylove your icon's changed

puppylove Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

yes, i know.i changed it. speaking of it, why is yours a bunny?

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 24th 2012

Which number was it then?

puppylove Posted: Jun 24th 2012

... uh fine! ill tell ya. u guys got close enought with one point. im number the glb! as u predicted!

puppylove Posted: Jun 24th 2012

3, sorry

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 25th 2012

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 25th 2012

Puppylove - you posted a photo of yourself on the forum and as you know, sharing personal information including photos of yourself is against the forum rules. I'm afraid we will have to put you on moderation for now as you have been warned about sticking to the forum rules before.

puppylove Posted: Jun 25th 2012

but its not in the rules! i checked!!! its not fair! it was in the downer part of the rules but wasnt in the rules! and i made it before i was warned for the last time!!! please dont kick me out of the site! please?. besides, shount it be my choice? its not harming anyone! most of us in the site are so used to so many things worse in the world that we see every day! i made friends here! not buddies FRIENDS! and i did see a kid that put a photo of himself once! that isnt fair aardman staff! it just not!

wallace05man Posted: Jun 25th 2012

but if anything bad DOES come from putting that information up, it's aardman's responsbility. and also, moderation doesn't make you get banned from the site.

puppylove Posted: Jun 25th 2012

? it dosent? that what cheesehead told me!  what does it mean then. and its not aardman's responsability it MINE. its like... if u accept a friend on facebook that u dont know and the person its not what they seem. if something happens wich WOUNT cause those people dont come to these sites and a more concentraded on facebook,twitter,tublr etc. the only perosn to blame would me me because i made the mistake! i just dont get the essesive protection. i just dont get some brittish words.:/

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

Oops, I  thought it meant you got banned. What does it mean? o_0

puppylove Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

-_-. i dont know till now! HAHAH!

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