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Fionah Posted: Jun 28th 2012

I have already started a forum about this but nothing happend with it. Why? i won creation  of the month in January. i recieved my prize but no certificate. later i asked aardman why it hadnt come they said its on its way. its still nowhere to be seen, i hope aardman don't ignore me.

samuelhayward Posted: Jun 28th 2012

I know exactly how you feel, I signed up for a so called free gift from mc donalds, it said, i think, 28 days and it never came! why the cheek of it!

Fionah Posted: Jun 28th 2012

thanks. I havealready said this but everyday I come home from school disappointed. I am surprised at aardman. I bet this forum will be ignored

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

aardman are very busy. Imagine how many new threads and comments they have to try and moderate every day. This makes it unlikely that they will see your post so its not that they are ignoring you. If you still haven't got your certificate you could try emailing them at this address: 

Fionah Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

I dont mean they are ignoring me in a mean way. It's just I know they have better things to do. So this won't be top of there list of priorities.

FROG MOUTH Posted: Jul 6th 2012

I signed up for the news letter but it is as if some has been deleting my emails and it has a password

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 7th 2012

ah yes the newsletter does take along time to come once you first sign up to it, i think they have to proccess your details for a couple of months! don't ask me why.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jul 8th 2012

when i first joined last year i signed up for the newsletter and i haven't got anything - IT HAS BEEN 9 MONTHS!!!!

Fionah Posted: Jul 15th 2012

can aardman see this thread? Theyre not replying to my mail either

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