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puppylove Posted: Jun 29th 2012

IM GETTING MARRIED!.... just kidding! but anywho, there is this site called sourcefed and im subscribed to them on youtube. they give awesome stories every day and 5 per day. i felt like sharing this kind of stuff with someone but i have no one to share it with! so... since i have more friend here then on facebook i figured why not? ill post a story here everytime i feel its worthit! like check this out: scientist are developing a drug that allows u to survive WITHOUT FRICKEN BREATHING! check it out! 

puppylove Posted: Jun 30th 2012

have no fear guys! scientist made a cure 4 prostate cancer! check it out!

puppylove Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

so.. no one's interested? no one?

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

I can already live without breathing

puppylove Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

how's that? if u stop breathing u die!

puppylove Posted: Jul 9th 2012

OMG! a product that kills all mouth bacterea?! if this comes to market im never brushing my teeth again!!! WAHOO!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 9th 2012

LOL at your prostate cancer comment. xD

puppylove Posted: Jul 9th 2012

check the vid. its good news!

puppylove Posted: Jul 11th 2012

cot animation news! personally, i didnt get one thing but i still watched the whole thing. aardman made a vid about getting strded on animation. katie is in it! maybe it might be of some help. enjoy!

yianni Posted: Jul 11th 2012

that animation one is awesome

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