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yianni Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

part of the ski was broken and missing the piece aardman staff please tell me you can replace it

here it is 

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

What a shame, I hope they can replace it.

puppylove Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

probablt they wount. it was faul of the mail not them

yianni Posted: Jul 2nd 2012

yeah probably besides i cant be bothered asking them it's only minor

puppylove Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

me? hating u? why would i do that? O.o -_-

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 5th 2012

It's not a useless thread! This is far more important than half the threads you have flooded the forum with!

puppylove Posted: Jul 5th 2012

how could this be of any use? big deal if a little piece broke! its just a little piece and its not the staff's fault! theres no use crying over spilled milk! and my threats are not useless and pointless! u dont even make any! ever! so dont say anything about me!-_-

yianni Posted: Jul 6th 2012

stop fiting pleze this thread is kinna usless

FROG MOUTH Posted: Jul 6th 2012

stop fighting

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 6th 2012

I don't make threads (not threats) because I usually use this forum for animation tips and advice, like it should be used in my opinion. And considering yianni got it off of THIS site, it is kind of their issue.

puppylove Posted: Jul 6th 2012

wallace05man Posted: Jul 7th 2012

yeah puppylove, you do make so many pointless threads

puppylove Posted: Jul 7th 2012

i do not! but u cant even read this cause the staff blocked me!

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 7th 2012

If you put it up on a shelf were nobodyy can see the broke part it'll be ok

wallace05man Posted: Jul 8th 2012

i can't read what you said puppylove, but i'm guessing it was towards me.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jul 8th 2012

in fairness puppylove some of ur threads r pointless like the josh hutcherson thread

wallace05man Posted: Jul 8th 2012

yeah, and "bla bla bla".

yianni Posted: Jul 8th 2012

I don't think bla bla bla was pointless It was so her and cheese head could talk on their own

puppylove Posted: Jul 9th 2012

exacly. its kinnah good your never agressive. maybe ur not spoiled after all. but u cant read this so..

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 9th 2012

I am a site veteran. Please stop arguing over what's right and wrong with me. This forum used to be full of animators always there to give advice, not frivolous and random question threads that are insanely annoying.

wallace05man Posted: Jul 9th 2012

that's true

puppylove Posted: Jul 9th 2012

stop. k, i wanna stop right now. i not discusting this with u. i like it like this, thank god the staff heared me and made be come back to writing. my threat are not useless and some people like it. to bad u dont. im sorry to hear that. but that dosent bother me cause i dont care what people think and say about me. i know im awesome.and u are too when ur not being immature like i am sometimes.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 9th 2012

I'm not the one acting immature. And puppylove, people do like your threads. I am just saying that I honestly don't, but it really dosen't matter. You have every right to post those in General Chat, eventhough I wished you wouldn't. And it's not even just you.

puppylove Posted: Jul 9th 2012


harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 10th 2012

Well, obviously this forum means alot to you. Wheter or not I like it the same way you do, it just does. And I can't stop you from enjoying it, and won't.

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 11th 2012

Aardman should replace it. They have a contract with whoever delivered it, so they can take it up with them. 

yianni Posted: Jul 11th 2012

hey GLB what do you mean replace my thread you mean delete it???????

puppylove Posted: Jul 11th 2012

i think he meant that he want all of general chat eliminated. not just your threat.

puppylove Posted: Jul 11th 2012

i think i said this b4. ther is a simple solution. dont like it? dont come here! there. problem solved. goodbye.the end.

kittykatlozzy Posted: Jul 11th 2012

hiya this doesnt have anythin to do with ur post but does any of u know when the competition ends for this month thanx

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 11th 2012

The last day of the month.

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 17th 2012

Wha? When did I say anything about deleting the thread???? I meant replace the cooker figurine. 

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

GLB they were having an argument that kind of went off topic so they didn't know you meant the figurine. puppylove doesn't seem to like yianni so they always argue

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 17th 2012

@glb he was posting that his figure is broken

@yianni email aardman about this 

yianni Posted: Jul 18th 2012

yo cleasby99 me and puppy love are gret friends it's just we sometimes get off on the wrong hand

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 19th 2012

Puppylove Leave wallace05man alone and harryboy8080

puppylove yh u do make more threads more than anyone so stop it it's annoying 

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 19th 2012

Oh boy, here we go :(

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