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cleasby99 Posted: Jul 12th 2012

I have already asked this question on the Arts, Crafts & cookery forum but i was told i was more likely to get an answer from aardman here. I just wondered if anyone from aardman could tell me what size beads are used for the w&g eyes. I use 8mm beads on my models of wallace and gromit but they look to big and when i change to 6mm they look to small. If I new what size aardman use then i could adjust the size of the models to make it look right. 

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 12th 2012

I think Aardman's models are around 8 in, if that helps. As for the eyes, I don't know.

666joshy666 Posted: Jul 15th 2012

Hi there! May I start by saying, your Wallace & Gromit model is fantastic! ( You've managed to really show off their personalities well! For starters, Aardman tend to stick with around 8-9" tall for the majority of their characters, with the obvious acceptions of Gromit, Fluffles, Shaun .etc. Now for the eyes. I infact encountered the same problem a few years back. Personally, I feel as if I never found the correct size, but in all honesty, I have always seen fault in my models, so I may have been wrong. From behind the scenes videos, hours of reading books and advice from other users on here, this is all the information I have gathered in the past few years: Aardman use between 5mm and 6mm diameter glass beads and apply enamel paint for the pupils by placing the bead on a cocktail stick and securing the other end in the drill. They then spin the drill at a low speed and use a very thin paintbrush to get a perfect circle. Here is a model using 6mm beads:

I hope this helps you, as you seem quite the promising young sculptor!

Anyways, kind regards,


harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 15th 2012

Josh! Good to see you! If only more vets came back.

666joshy666 Posted: Jul 16th 2012

Good to see you too HarryBoy! I'm on occasionally. I check up a couple of times a week and if I see anything I feel worth helping out with or just giving some form of input towards, I will. Any other Vets still here?

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 16th 2012

thanks joshy. My wallace is 9 inches tall and 6mm beads are too small for him so I used 8mm beads whereas my bunnies which you can see here,, use 6mm beads. What size is your Mrs. Mulch???

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 16th 2012

Sorry to just randomly talk with Joshy in your thread, cleasby. xD But, not really.... I think cavor is on now and then....

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