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Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jul 24th 2012

I just recieved my prize yesterday. First I was in school and I was given a reciept from the post office. I was thinking what was it. Then I went to the post office and got it and you know what I saw?.....

I saw a sticker of Aardman with my name on it!

When I came home I opened it at once.  I was very eager to open it.  I saw the dvd and a precious certificate for me!
Thanks Aardman for the prize. That was so fast. This would be my inspiration for me studying better in school!

and  Mastermind

Fionah Posted: Jul 24th 2012

Lucky your certificate came with your prize. I won in January got my prize in March and still havent got my certificate

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 24th 2012

when i won last year my prize came in about 1 week but i won in june this year and it still hasn't come. At least i now know that it should come eventually

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 24th 2012

Fionah have you asked aardman why the certificate hasn't come?

Fionah Posted: Jul 24th 2012

Yep. They havent got back to me

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