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cleasby99 Posted: Jul 25th 2012

Hey i was wondering if anyone else is going to the olympics. I'm going to the mens diving final.

wandgfanatic Posted: Jul 25th 2012

Awesome!  Hope you enjoy it!  I won't be going but I will watch it on tv. 

wallace05man Posted: Jul 25th 2012

i'm seeing boxing and maybe volleyball

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 26th 2012


Morgause Posted: Jul 26th 2012

I'm going to see the Equestrian.

23192319 Posted: Jul 30th 2012

I saw the opening ceromony

Fossa_juliette Posted: Jul 30th 2012

im seeing football. and paraolympics athletics!! like the long jump womens final and more!!!!!!!!!!!

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Jul 31st 2012

I saw badminton yesterday and I'm seeing Paralympic events in late august!

evastar7 Posted: Jul 31st 2012

i am not going to see the olympics! i will  watch it on television though!

wallace05man Posted: Jul 31st 2012

i saw Olympic boxing today and seeing paralympics in early September

shaunthesheep32000 Posted: Jul 31st 2012

I'm just watching it on tv!  But I wish I could actually be there and watch it
Who thinks That Phelps can beat the record of 16 olympic medals?  I do!

wandgfanatic Posted: Aug 1st 2012

I watched the opening ceremony,  it was magic!  It was so interesting as well!  It was like the best history lesson I have ever had!  Great news about Phelps!  

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Jan 4th 2013

i saw the rythmic gymnastics

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