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gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Jul 29th 2012

I didnt get to watch it but I heard it on the radio and I particularly liked the jazzed up Wallace and gromit theme! Bit of a surprise when it turned out that gromit's concerto was used. Well I guess he saved the day, again! Was he playing with tasmin on a screen? What did other people think of it?

wandgfanatic Posted: Aug 27th 2012

I thought it was brilliant!  Wallace and Gromit were awesome.  Especially the conductor jokes e.g. When Wallace said he did not punch a single ticket!  Gromit and Tasmin were amazing playing the concerto.  The conductor and orchestra were outstanding too.  The atmosphere in the Royal Albert Hall was electric!  It was one of the best things I have seen on tv! 

tre01 Posted: Aug 27th 2012

I loved it from start to finish. Gorgeous animation and a brilliant orchestra preforming. I was very happy to see that among his photos in the violin case, Gromit had a picture of Fluffles! Message the forum admins, please can we have a Fluffles emoticon?

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