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Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 6th 2012

What should i do if my clay models sart getting dirty? I use van aken. Please help!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 6th 2012

keep your hands clean, wrap them in plastic wrap when not animating, don't use bright contrasting colors right next to each other. But really there is no way to keep clay puppets perfect, clay animation is a very unique form of animation, because sometimes fixing and scultping between frames takes longer than actually moving a positioning the characters.

iantimothy Posted: Aug 6th 2012

wrap the puppets in plastic that is, not your hands.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 6th 2012


yianni Posted: Aug 7th 2012

If theyre alredy dirty try washing them with water if that doesnt work try getting a butter knife and slicing off a thin layer of the plasticine then flattening out the plasticine underneath if you want to stop the figure from getting dirty the wrap it in gladwrap or put it in a plastic bag this stops dust from getting onto the plasticine.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 7th 2012

I dont know if it's a good idea to put water on them 

iantimothy Posted: Aug 7th 2012

I wouldn't dump them in water, you can use a drop of water on your finger though. Luckily water doesn't hurt modeling clay because it is oil based and oil and water don't mix.

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 7th 2012

I'll try that. 

yianni Posted: Aug 8th 2012

Yeah listen to iantimothy he's smart

iantimothy Posted: Aug 8th 2012

not really, I just know some stuff about clay. 

samuelhayward Posted: Aug 9th 2012

 I think anyone who's read cracking animation, and done a fair bit of research should know

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