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thespazicat Posted: Aug 7th 2012

Hello there children, long time no speak, well, unless of course you have recently joined the site then u wouldnt kno me, so i guess i shall re-introduce myself.

I am thespazicat, and i joined this site in 2008 i beleive and basically i used to make short slightly rubbish claymation cartoons and all sorts, here are a few examples of what i did then:

and so on...

but now to answer a few questions:

spazicat! where have you been? we missed you (lie)

well to tell you the truth, there is a terrible little thing called "life" and "aging", unlike i was when i was much younger, i have had little time to go onto this site as i found that my school life and personal life was far more important, as selfish as it seems,, this is true, and besides, as the old saying goes, i grew up, became a bit more mature and just strayed away from the site as i had lost interest really, yeh i sound like a grump but hey give me a break here :P

so then, hows those stopmotion animations coming along? are you going to finish Haggis and Neep 2 at least?

To tell you the truth, the whole process of stopmotion animation almost broke me  tbh, i found it too tiresome, tedius and just wasnt a fun medium to work in, of course i still love animation though, im fine using software such as flash, but as for stopmotion animations, well, lets just say its kicked the bucket for me. As for Haggis and neep, my two little characters that i created while i was still in primary, will i finish the 2nd half of the 2nd episode, well, im sorry to say but that project hasbeen long since cancelled,and im sorry to all the people i let down on the site who was looking forward to it back in the day, the models and sets are all up in the loft, i have since dismantelled my stopmotion work desk and well, i just wasnt getting anywhere with it really. However, just because i cant do it in stopmotion, doesnt mean i cant use something else..... ill keep u up to date on  that :)

So what now? what have u been doing instead of your acadmey bafta golden globe award animations mr cat?

Im an artist, ive always loved to draw, and tbh, that is what is most important to me atm,  i have been learning more illustration technuiqes such as anatomy, life drawing, characterture, and painting, i have had more fun and enjoyment doing these then i ever had for animation tbhm, but that doesnt mean that im quiting animation for good no no no, while art maybe my favourite hobby, i have however applied and got a place at college to do computer arts and animation HNC, so i can presue my career as either a graphic designer or an animator in whatever medium possible, frelance, tv or movie work pretty much.

if you would like to see my portfolio of some of my recent drawings, then do please click this link here to see my personal deviant art gallery

but yeh, all i can say is these were the reasons i have been gone a very long time, and that i just want to say i havent given oup on animation and just to tshow off what i had been doing art wise, so, i might update again, maybe, maybe not, who knows, but this is spazicat, signing off, missed u guys :(

iantimothy Posted: Aug 7th 2012

Spazicat, Welcome back. 
The forum has changed a lot, not as much animation talk anymore. But I still get on from time to time.
Not much of the original crew are on here much anymore, but there are a few, and it is good to see(read) you again. Kind of fun to see Haggis and Neep after all these years too.

I have been busy, even though I am still in school, I am doing sort of freelance animation work for various companies.
I haven't had time to work on Beaver Creek now for about a year, but it has been fun to branch out a bit.

Good having you back. 

thespazicat Posted: Aug 8th 2012

Thank you and its great that you have already started doing freelance animation for people ian, just rewatched bever creek right now tbh, just reminded me on how warm and great a series it is :P

Ive only done one comission freelance drawing wise, however to say the least it ended in disaster and basically meaning no money for me, very long embarassing story :L

but yeh, so what various companies have you worked for anywayss, sounds very exciting :D

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 9th 2012

Sadly... The forum has changed alot. I come about maybe once a week.

Good to see you here! :D It seems as if some of the animators on this ste are becoming successful, which is great! I am currently animating for the LEGO Group and making a fair share of money.

I hope everything with the computer arts in College goes well!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 9th 2012

Yeah things have changed. but it nice to see some oldies once and a while.

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 12th 2012

Well welcome back then! Speaking of lego animations, there's this guy on youtube who makes some of the most quality lego animations I've ever seen. They usually last around 5 minutes, and he releases one every month. Here is right here:  

I really like the way he changes the character's heads for different exspressions and what-not.  

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 12th 2012

umm cheesehead that's just advertising someone 

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 14th 2012


mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 14th 2012


thespazicat Posted: Aug 19th 2012

oh if anyones interested heres a digital painting i did today, hope u like it

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 20th 2012

Really good. I see you were going for kind of a Van-Gogh style with this one? It looks great.

thespazicat Posted: Sep 23rd 2012


wasnt really thinking of a van gogh style i was pretty much just using the painting technuiqe i learned in real life in photoshop so i dunno, its a spazicat style i guess :L jks

anyhow guys im off to work on my first animation project for college, heres how it looks so far, i hope you all enjoy it so far, its mostly story board but i have added some basic animation already , irts called "my future"

also id like to mention even though i have mentioned my return to the site, i have decided well, i dont really have time anymore for it, but all id like to say is best of luck to any of the remaining members of the site that i knew when i joined and goof luck to other aspiring animators, u will find out in the end that animation and art takes up alot of free time but in the end all i can say is its worth it, and u all should go for it :)

for one final time, this is thespazicat, signing out

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 24th 2012

CONTY and now YOU!!! everybodys leaving 

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