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Bambooski Posted: Aug 13th 2012

This is a quiz game about Wallace and Gromit. So, one person says a quiz question, and the next answers it and adds a question, and so on. Example:

Describe Wallace's outfit.

A white shirt, green vest, and red tie.

What dog breed was the dog that Gromit fell in love with in A Matter of Loaf and Death?



And so on. Enjoy!    

What was the name of the penguin in The Wrong Trousers?

wallace05man Posted: Aug 13th 2012

Feathers McGraw.

In a Matter Of Loaf & Death, what was the cheese-related pun used on "easy jet"? 

wandgfanatic Posted: Aug 14th 2012

In the Curse of the Were-Rabbit where can you spot Feathers McGraw?

wallace05man Posted: Aug 14th 2012

in the aeroplane scene.

where does wallace keep his piggy bank in The Wrong Trousers?

wandgfanatic Posted: Aug 15th 2012

A safe behind a picture of a pig on the wall.
Wallace and Gromit were originally going to be a postman and a cat.  True or False?

Nathan M Posted: Aug 15th 2012


What does RPM stand for in curse of the were-rabbit?

kieran Posted: Aug 15th 2012

rabbits per miniute

what colour is wallace's motor bike helmet in close shave?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 15th 2012


what falls in wallace's pants in AMOL&D

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 16th 2012

a bomb

what was the date of Wallace and Gromits' 20th anniversary?  

Bambooski Posted: Aug 25th 2012

4 November 2009

What day is Gromit's birthday in The Wrong Trousers?  

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 26th 2012

12th February

When is Wallace's Birthday? (clue: ;)

Craig Russell Posted: Aug 29th 2012

7th August

This is a tricky one...

In a Close Shave, when Gromit was in jail, what was written on the wall behind him in white graffiti?

Craig Russell Posted: Sep 2nd 2012

Give up yet?

Bambooski Posted: Jan 12th 2013

Wow. Tough question. I give up

evastar7 Posted: Jan 14th 2013

i know was it fido was here?

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 16th 2013

"Feathers was 'ere"

In The Wrong Trousers, what is the box that Gromit uses as cover to spy on Feathers advertising? 

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 16th 2013

Meatibix wasnt it

In the wrong trousers where did wallace say the techno trousers came from?

wandgfanatic Posted: Jan 16th 2013

The trousers came from NASA.  "Ex-NASA".

In a Close Shave what time did gromit have to be ready for the jail-break with shaun? 

w&g are in town Posted: Jan 19th 2013

7 o clock
 In Wallace and Gromit ''A Grand Day out'' what does Wallace forget

wallece113 Posted: Jan 21st 2013

The Crackers!

In "A Close Shave", What does Preston turn into at the end of the movie?

samuelhayward Posted: Jan 21st 2013

A robot/cyberdog

In "a grand day out", what make where the matches that Wallace uses to light the fuse?  

wandgfanatic Posted: Jan 22nd 2013


In "the wrong trousers" what does Gromit's birthday card say?

Bambooski Posted: Feb 3rd 2013 a dear dog?

wandgfanatic Posted: Feb 4th 2013

Yes, correct!


Bambooski Posted: Feb 5th 2013


Tricky one: in the wrong trousers, what does Gromit's newspaper say? Clue: (only if you need it!!)

Bambooski Posted: Feb 11th 2013

give up?

w&g are in town Posted: Feb 27th 2013

Killer dog on the loos

Bambooski Posted: Mar 8th 2013

Who wrote WaG?

a cup of tee Posted: Mar 8th 2013

nick park                       in a close shave what those shaun have in his mouth when w and g come in

w&g are in town Posted: Apr 4th 2013

 a bone           in a close shave what does preston pick up

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