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alibongob Posted: Aug 16th 2012

hi it's allibongob heres a fun thing to think about if you were a superhero what would be your name power and costume ?

see what wacky imagination you have    

alibongob Posted: Aug 16th 2012

well i would be the SUPER BEE with the power of nature because bees pollinate nature and i would have a stinger as a sword and i would weara yellow and black stiped dress with bee wings

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 9th 2013

I am a superhero. I'm an awesome unicorn, it doesn't get much better than that! :D

alibongob Posted: Aug 10th 2013

haha XD

dinogirl Posted: Aug 11th 2013

dino girl
i can summon dinosaur skeletons from the ground and turn  into any type of dinosaur i like
i wear a mask that has a t-rex on it, my shirt has dino girl written n it and i wear green tights 

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