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iantimothy Posted: Aug 17th 2012

I had four sculpture assignments over the summer for an advanced placement art class, and I combined the projects to create this short animation, "Day Shift." This is the first piece I have shot in HD. I also used this piece to beta test the new version of iStopMotion for Boinx software that will be coming out in a few weeks. The character is made out of 1000 metal washers and the set is all found objects. Check it out here!

This is quite a departure from my other animation work, but I think it turned out pretty well. Any comments, questions, or constructive criticism is gladly welcomed.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 17th 2012

I loved it 
quick question does the model have wire armature or something more advanced?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 17th 2012

I would like to add that some of the things that i liked the most was the gear animation(it looked so good I thought it was live action) and I also liked when he pulled down the lever and the washer over the top got bigger 

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 18th 2012

Wow, Ian, that was incredible. What I thought was amazing was how smooth your animation is now, just watch the first Episode of Beaver Creek, and then watch that. Amazing.

samuelhayward Posted: Aug 18th 2012


iantimothy Posted: Aug 18th 2012

He has a very simple wire armature, the wire just goes through the hole in the washer, so they are not glued down which is why they move. He is VERY heavy, and sort of hard to work with, but I was able to manage. 

Nathan M Posted: Aug 18th 2012

Its a really good animation! 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 18th 2012


mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 18th 2012

that's what I thought. 

evastar7 Posted: Aug 19th 2012

wow great so smooth the animation.

snapjay Posted: Aug 31st 2012

wow must have taken a long time

iantimothy Posted: Aug 31st 2012

actually not really as long as you would think. It only took about 2 1/2 weeks to animate.

jackwalton Posted: Sep 1st 2012

you are brilliant

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