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gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Sep 16th 2012

Who has been a member of W& for the longest? Has anyone (excluding aardman staff!) been a member since 2007?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 16th 2012

It would have to be someone on this site because sts didn't exist yet. I signed up as a member in december 2007 but I was browsing the forums and creations since August 2007 when the site opened.

Fish Posted: Sep 22nd 2012

I have been a member since 15 August 2007. I think Jordan was here before me, though.

thespazicat Posted: Sep 23rd 2012

well i joined in 2008 so close enough :L jks

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 2nd 2012

Jordan has that honour ;)
I joined in September 2007 

icy blue Posted: Oct 24th 2012

I join in December 2008
But it doesn't really makes me An old member

wilsonm Posted: Oct 24th 2012

well i first joined in 2007 but i deleted my account cus i was getting teased about it at school and by email but now i am at a new school i though i will rejoin so i am a new menber but a old one 2 sorry for giving my life story

Nathan M Posted: Oct 29th 2012

I first joined in 2007 but have gotten a new account since which was made in 2008

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