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wallece113 Posted: Sep 30th 2012

Hey People!

I would just like to know if thare are any &Fans in the USA? If so, do they get the British jokes?

I'm Also New to this site.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 2nd 2012

I'm from the U.S. and I'm one of "oldies" on the site and yes i do get most of the jokes

LoveShaun19 Posted: Oct 2nd 2012

I am an American, and I watch a lot of Brittish comedy, so yeah, I get the jokes. :)

DanKozman Posted: Oct 14th 2012

Yep I do too!

Octiavain Posted: Oct 15th 2012

Im Ameri and im new so i havent seen aslot of jokes yet but im sure i would get them

wilsonm Posted: Oct 27th 2012

i love the us comdy as well as the british comdy

Webkinzluvr Posted: Oct 27th 2012

I am a newer user on the site. I unfortunately do not log on very often. I have watched all of the Shaun the Sheep episodes and all the Wallace and Gromit episodes/movies.  So, yes, I get most of the jokes.

wedddk Posted: Nov 1st 2012

I'm an "oldie" W&G fan, too.  So are all my children (4) and my grandson.  Any plans for any new W&G shorts/movies?  (My favorite is the original "A Grand Day Out".)

wedddk Posted: Nov 1st 2012

Oh, and we do get the jokes.  (We watch a number of British comedies.)

tribe0516 Posted: Nov 2nd 2012

Thanks to PBS, we Yanks get to see a lot of British comedy, so yes, we get the jokes. W&G are the greatest thing since sliced Wensleydale!

1flyingdog Posted: Dec 18th 2012

I live in the USA and I get the jokes!:icondummywooplz:

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 19th 2012

I am american and part brithish but I live in americaI get all the jokes

23192319 Posted: Dec 28th 2012

I am a American. And what jokes?

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 29th 2012

The British jokes in W&G. It is of common belief that most Americans do not understand British humour.

Fish Posted: Dec 29th 2012

LOTS of Americans understand and like British humour!

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 29th 2012

I know, but for some reason, some British people seem to think that American's do not understand their humour; It's just a silly stereotype.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 6th 2013

Not really its more of a thing where in Britain we hav things that u don't hav in America and there r some things that u might not understand like how if it was a comedy show on tv that made a reference to some British famous person for example the joke might not make sense to an American or if it made reference to something that most people do in Britain that other countries don't really know about or pick up on

wallece113 Posted: Jan 9th 2013

WOW! I wasn't expecting my Question to recieve so many Answers,Thanks Guys!

Bitzer123 Posted: Mar 22nd 2013

I live in America but I plan to move to England when I grow up.

djcc Posted: May 6th 2013

I am from America and a HUGE fan of British comedy since the early 70's... every once and a while there might be a reference to british pop culture that i dont get but thats the fun of it... hunting up the scoop and being in the know... i guess the same goes for many american pop culture references that may have slipped by me as well...


gene byrge Posted: May 15th 2013

I've been a fan of British comedy as long as I can remember...and W&G from the first film.  In fact, the only TV I watch is the British TV available via Acorn TV - no more satellite or cable, which has all turned to ick.  I get excited as alittle kid when I read that a new W&G or Shaun movie is coming up, and I'm closer to 70 than I am to 60!

AndrewS Posted: Jul 7th 2013

I LOVE Wallace & Gromit,and I'm American.

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