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Ashleigh801 Posted: Sep 30th 2012

Hi everyone!
Do you remember Wallace and Gromit techno quests?
I loved these as a child and now am a primary school teacher and these would be great for the kids in school! (and for me!)
I'm looking for anyone who has one full set that they no longer want and could sell to me - I'll happily pay anything for them! I've searched the net for almost two years for someone selling them. Unfortunately my parents binned mine when we moved house when I was young. I'm hoping someone out there has a full set!

IamShy Posted: Oct 9th 2012


I only have parts 1, 2 and 4 (in mostly pristine condition) along with the folder (in pristine condition). Let me know if you want them. shyamalie at gmail dot com. 


liamwalsh Posted: Oct 12th 2012


I just google'd Techno Quests and it does seem they are extremely rare. In my search I found this thread. I am literally going through older items in the loft and found volumes 1-4, all in pretty top shape too! The furthest I have is to vol4 Techno Tabels. I assume it went to Z.

Let me know if you want to try complete the collection using my volumes :)

liam AT

TQ! :)

Earholes1986 Posted: Apr 22nd 2013

I have the full collection in all 6 folders.... always loved Wallace and Gromit and knew they would be valuable one day..... only problem is that they are really heavy to send and the postage cost would be HUGE, and I would obviously have to add that onto the total value....... if interested please email me at 

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