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samuelhayward Posted: Oct 8th 2012

Just wondering if anyone such as aardman staff know when the new Shaun the sheep movie will be out?

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Oct 8th 2012

what is it the championsheeps?

samuelhayward Posted: Oct 8th 2012

No, apparently there's an actual feature length movie coming out 

wandgfanatic Posted: Oct 8th 2012

Might be a while before it comes out.  Maybe the next couple of years...

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 9th 2012

Well it's not really been 100% confirmed yet, so it's going to be a few years at least.  We'll keep you posted ;)

samuelhayward Posted: Oct 9th 2012

Thank you!

Nathan M Posted: Nov 14th 2012

A shaun the sheep movie would certainly be interesting to see! 

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Nov 16th 2012

Wow! i always watch shaun the sheep on disney channel. but its too short. excited for the movie!

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Nov 16th 2012

when i was small,i used to watch shaun the sheep on nick

AndrewS Posted: Nov 21st 2012

Shaun the Sheep movie?!Awesome!!

tre01 Posted: Dec 2nd 2012

I've got ALL the Shaun DVDs, and I just can't get enough of this show.
I need mooooooore!!!

Also, whoever put that gag in one of the Christmas episodes with one sheep trying to get the other to eat yellow snow, you are brilliant

wallace05man Posted: Dec 3rd 2012

yeah, that was hilarious

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 18th 2012

I never thought they'd have a movie for shaun the sheep thats amazing.
I can't wait

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 18th 2012

Not sure if a Shaun The Sheep Feature Film would be my cup of tea...

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 19th 2012

well it hasn't even had a commerical yet so... you can't really judge it yet

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 19th 2012

I'm not judging it, I just feel as if Shaun suits the 5-10 minute episode slots that he currently fills far better than he would a whole film.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 6th 2013

Ye but with the right storyline it could be very entertaining, agreed if they had the exact same kind of story lines they have on tv now but longer it wouldn't work because it would be too boring but I'm sure they won't do that because the professional writers will know how to make an enjoyable plot, I can't see the film being set on the farm for the whole time I reckon the farm won't actually be in it that much at all

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 7th 2013

Imagine how hard it would be to make a 90 or so minute film with no script to fall back on. It seems far to much work for what it would be worth. But who knows! Aardman have proven they can do almost anything :D

Bitzer123 Posted: Jan 7th 2013

You're right,666joshy666

Jose Antonio Posted: Apr 23rd 2013

same here

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