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danbou Posted: Oct 8th 2012


Had a big sort out over the weekend and we have boxes and boxes of W & G collectables. Is there any demand for this stuff anymore my wife collected most of the bits around the time the first three short films came out.

We have a W & G chess set and a limited edition Leblon-Delienne Gromit figure with lamp which was purchased probably 10 years ago and never came out their boxes which I can't find anything about via google so hope you guys can help.

Any comment and feedback greatly appreciated

Many thanks


gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Oct 9th 2012

Wow! I'd love those things! I'm sure plenty of other people here would too! 

danbou Posted: Oct 9th 2012

Well if anybody is interested we have listed a few bits on eBay. I know this is a bit of a shameless plug but we have both agreed the items would be better appreciated by other collectors who will use them or display them. 

My wife is still unsure if she wants to let the chess set go yet or the Gromit and lamp set. We are expecting are first child so the extra space is needed and any funds generated will help too. 

If anybody is interested in the items if you search for 'danem2901' on the advanced search on eBay you will find them. 

kamikashi Posted: Nov 1st 2012

woops, i think i added you as a buddy danbou when i was trying to message you. just wondering, do you have any plans to sell the chess set? idk how much its worth either but i think my bro would enjoy it as a present. let me know if youre willing to sell it!

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