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Gromit5429 Posted: Oct 25th 2012

Hey everyone it's Gromit5429 here wishing you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Also this year for halloween I am going to dress as a character from the popular video game "Minecraft."  Now what I need you to do is I need you to vote in the comments below telling me if I should dress as Steve or as a Creeper.   I also want you all to be respectful to everyone else's vote okay?!!!!  Here our some pictures of Steve and the Creeper.   Have fun voting. 

Just to let everyone know I plan on being Steve but I might change my mind so you all just go and vote, vote, vote!!!

Gromit5429 Posted: Oct 25th 2012

Here's the Steve picture sorry I couldn't fit both picture on the Forum.

Also I am just showing you guys the the heads of Steve and the Creeper.

But if I get my costume before Halloween I'll be sure to take a picture and let you all know how it turn out.      

DoGSBESTFRIEND Posted: Oct 26th 2012

is there a free version of minecraft for download?

23192319 Posted: Oct 26th 2012

It`s great to know somebody else who is a Minecraft fan! Why did you choose Steve? Why can`t you be somewon else? Like a flaming skelaten or another kind of monster? 

Oh,and ''Dogsbestfriend'', i don`t know about the free version, unless you have an Xbox. I`m not an expert but you can ask ''UnfitAxis''. He likes Minecraft too.

Gromit5429 Posted: Oct 30th 2012

The reason I chose Steve is because he is mainly your main skin until you edit him plus they were the only one I knew how to make, but I will look into some of your ideas and see what I come up with.  

I am a minecraft fan I perfer the xbox version don't judge me!!! I just think it better because there is less lagging. But if you any questions about the upcoming updates on minecraft xbox360 just let me know in the comments below and I will let you know.  Also I will share a upcoming update that will be coming out soon I don't know the date of when its coming out but its the 1.2 update and thats where you actually see some villagers and if you remeber playing the recent update on the xbox there were only villages and other types of things that were in the 1.8.2 update and the 1.8 update.

And DoGSBESTFRIEND there is a way to get a free download but I don't know really how to do it because I don't really play the PC version, but I think youtube might be able to help you or maybe it may be on some kind of website dealing with minecraft.  I hope you find your free download or something that will help you out.

Gromit5429 Posted: Oct 30th 2012

Also there is now a new duplication glitch that came out right after they patch up the last duplication glitch that many try to do but couldn't because they acidentally uptdated there xbox. Here the site to the new duplication glitch and I hope it help those strugulling to main tain resources.

evastar7 Posted: Oct 31st 2012

you could dress as a creeper and say sssssss boom lol

evastar7 Posted: Oct 31st 2012

by the way have you seen the new 1.4.2 update ?

Gromit5429 Posted: Oct 31st 2012

Yes I have seen the 1.4.2 update and I think it was a great idea to add on October 25, 2012.

Also thanks for the idea.   sssssssss BOOM!!!!! XD  

Angry kid Posted: Nov 3rd 2012

Great I know I'm a bit late wo

Gromit5429 Posted: Nov 3rd 2012

Its okay Angry kid if you were late but, anyway do you have any question related to the xbox360 version of minecraft?

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 20th 2012

I tried to make a MC costume last year but epicly failed.

Gromit5429 Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

Its okay if you failed, all you need to do is maybe watch a few youtube video and just keep on trying don't give up!
 What MC costume were you trying to make?

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 24th 2012

Uhh... I think a creeper or steve. I forgot.

evastar7 Posted: Nov 29th 2012

which mode do you prefer in minescraft default or creative?

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 29th 2012

The normal survival. I like to build, but I like to legitly collect my resources so I feel like I've actually acomplished something.

evastar7 Posted: Nov 30th 2012

yes i know what you mean.but sometimes i go on creative when i am bored! lol

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

i dressed up as a demon last year. scared the frick out of little kids.

Gromit5429 Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

I like both modes, but I perfer Creative because then I have more time to build without worrying about creepers sneaking up behind me.  By the way I'm going to wait till next Halloween to show steve costume, but right now I am working on other costumes.  Hey Puppylove origin can you give me some details on how this kid was scared of your demon skin last year. 

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