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Angry kid Posted: Nov 3rd 2012

Hi want to know if any of you had
over £1000 if you've had wesmile it's  a 
smiley face if nearly put a smiley whith a wink
if you haven't putt a sad face .

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Nov 21st 2012

i am an indian and i have a debit card with rs. 50,000

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Nov 21st 2012

@AV how much is that in pounds?

@ angry kid  do you mean in cash, possesions worth, in the bank?

abhijith Posted: Nov 22nd 2012

I am an Indian mind you. So offer me Indian rupee

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

This guy has been trolling a lot, they should ban him. (BTW, rupees aren't a real currency they are from Zelda.)

iantimothy Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

I think he is Indian, and the Rupee is indeed real and the official currency of India.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

i have 1750 reais in my bank account in brasil. close enought?

Bitzer123 Posted: Dec 7th 2012

Bitzer123 Posted: Dec 7th 2012

(I don't have 1,000 pounds)

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 7th 2012

For real, Ian? That's prety cool,  actually.

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