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cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 20th 2012

This is off topic, but the section for this is for off topic stuff so I guess I'm good. But do any of you collect old games? You know like Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, NES, N64, Master System, Dreamcast, or Atari? If you don't It's a great hobby to get into. It's pretty cheap most of the time. Go to thrift stores and find cheap systems or games. Some are rare and worth a lot of money.

Amy Louise Jackson Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

I collect games for the N64: Wave race, Banjo Kazooe, 007, Rugrats. Ive got about 25 in total. I really enjoy playing on them but when the wires need replacing, if they get broke, they're really hard to replace. Do ypu find this?

Honey Boo-Boo Child Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

I like turtles

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Nov 24th 2012

I have a cd of almost all of the retro games. Its fun!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 25th 2012

I play emulators of all the old NES games. 

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 25th 2012

I don't use emulators, for some reason I like to have a physical copy of what I'm playing. I don't know why.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 27th 2012

that's cool. 

tre01 Posted: Dec 2nd 2012

I've still got all my Playstation 1&2 games.

Sadly I got rid of my GBA, so now i use emulators. I'm thinking of re-buying a N64. I so miss my Pokemon Snap game

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Dec 3rd 2012

i hate psp's and video games,because they do nothing except destroys the brain!

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 3rd 2012

The heck, I don't like much PS stuff except PS1, it had good rpgs.

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Dec 9th 2012

i play only brain games!and i won't play any other games whatever you say!

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 9th 2012

Try Zelda, then. A lot of the game is puzzles, and it has one of the best plots I have ever seen.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 10th 2012


cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 10th 2012

Yeah, Zelda has my favorite games in it, and has the best stories of any games I've seen yet.

tre01 Posted: Dec 18th 2012

Final Fantasy VII and VIII were 2 of my favourite RPGs, but I also loved Bugs Bunny Lost In Time. One of the few games I succeed in getting 100% complete on.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 9th 2013

I know this is a bit old, but I DO!!
Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, Pc, Play station 2- You name it!
I absolutely love retro games (especially old school nintendo) and love finding a good bargain on a rare game 

cheesehead302 Posted: Jan 14th 2013

I think I can guess what one of your favorites is. :P

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