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abhijith Posted: Nov 22nd 2012

Tell me plze how many languages do you know?

yianni Posted: Nov 23rd 2012


Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

4- Filipino, English, Chinese, Latin

abhijith Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

Malayalam, English, and hindi a little

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

English, Cheesolian, and some spanish kind of.

samuelhayward Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

English, English and English...

Aou revior Chucks!   

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Dec 3rd 2012

english,malayalam,french and  a bit hindi

evastar7 Posted: Dec 5th 2012

English,french and welsh

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

english,spanish and portuguise. a little of japonisse french and italian. and im gonna guess  yianni only knows english.

yianni Posted: Dec 11th 2012

correct but i'm going to start learning chinese

Fever Posted: Dec 11th 2012

Spanish and catalan, my english is not very good

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 11th 2012

i guess you gotta start somewhere. chinese is hard. it takes a lifetime to learn all the rules and the alphabet and stuff. i suggest trying spanish, its a worldwide spoken language and its easier but do what you please.

yianni Posted: Dec 12th 2012

thanks pup ill try it out

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 12th 2012

Nathan M Posted: Dec 14th 2012

I'm fluent in english :) and can say some french words but not many 

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Jan 23rd 2013

i am like nathan too

i speak litlle french but lotta english here en there 

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 23rd 2013

Engilsh, Welsh, Greek (at greek school), Mandarin and Spanish (in normal school)

i learnt spanish for 3 years in primary but it was really rubbish! and i barely learnt anything....

and Mandarin isn't actually as hard a you think it is (well, learning the basics and some other things.) Cause i have  been doing it for a year (only having a lesson once every two weeks for a year and now doing 1 lesson every week) but i can read big paragraphs about a persons family, about food (likes,dislikes,buying things) and about lessons in school (timetable)

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 24th 2013

Latin, French and english(a little of spanish)

daisychimp Posted: Jan 24th 2013

English, French and German :D

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 24th 2013

i meant *French for 3 years in primary!!

Bambooski Posted: Feb 5th 2013

English, French, Spanish, and a bit of Malay

daisychimp Posted: Feb 6th 2013

And gibberish

Bambooski Posted: Feb 9th 2013

Of course!

TerCla10 Posted: Feb 20th 2013

i speak emo  //.-

cleasby99 Posted: Feb 24th 2013

English, Gaelic (Irish), French, Italian

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